"Benny Marchant was influenced by Tom Petty and Lou Reed." - Interview

Benny Marchant, founder of the alternative rock band Kings Royal, has branched out with a solo project titled Benny Marchant. On Sept 28th he released his debut EP entitled “Conversations Missed.” Recently I got a chance to chat with Benny about his song writing process.

Q - How would you describe your sound?

A - I'd say Alternative folk-rock.

Q - What is your song writing process like?

A - Well, I like to start writing a song with a guitar lick in mind or a melody. With the hook in place I’m then able to structure a song around it.

Q - Do you have to be inspired to write a song, or can you just hammer out an idea until it works?

A - For me inspiration is the best way. Whenever I have tried to hammer a song together it normally becomes a throw away. Although there are exceptions, "Been Too Long" started out as an upbeat song I needed to write for the album, but was then inspired lyrically through the process.

Q - Who are some of your musical influences?

A - Tom Petty and Lou Reed seem to stand out most for me; really love their songwriting.

Q - Who are you listening to right now?

A - Been kind of hooked on the Grateful Dead recently. Most of the time while I’m driving to rehearsals or gigs I find myself putting on the Dead channel on Sirius radio.

Q - Do you have any touring plans in the works?

A - Yes, nothing confirmed as of yet but we are working on it. We have a couple quick fly ins to NYC for the CMJ festival and a small radio leg.

Q - What can fans expect from your live show?

A - A great show! The musicians on the stage with me are fantastic; the songs have transitioned so well to the live show.

Q - What's your most embarrassing on stage moment?

A - For me would be 2 years ago, I forgot the city I was in with the Kings Royal. I gave the wrong shout out (laughs).


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