"Robert Pattinson perfect for 'Anonymous.'"

“Anonymous,” the decorated cult classic from Jason Tanamor, also Editor of Zoiks! Online, is looking to be made into a movie. The novel is inspired by Chuck Palahniuk, who was the inspiration behind the novel. “Palahniuk’s stories aren’t like ones you see every day. However, they are real stories that happen to real people. With ‘Anonymous,’ I wanted to touch on stories that happen to real people that were not only interesting, but important. This book is similar to Palahniuk in the respect that the style and themes are similar. However, it stands on its own as an entertaining and intense story,” said Tanamor.

Tanamor added that the novel began as a short story written for “Playboy” magazine. “The editors didn’t like it,” Tanamor said, “but gave me enough criticism to keep at it. So, I wrote another story. Again, nothing came out of it. I had a couple stories with a common thread that ultimately became ‘Anonymous.’”

As for trying to get it from print to big screen, Tanamor said that a certain “Twilight” actor would be perfect for the lead role as narrator. “(Robert) Pattinson is currently being portrayed, unfairly, as a one dimensional actor because of Edward’s demeanor,” Tanamor said. “But what he actually does well in the movie is play to the character’s strengths and weaknesses. When people see him in other films they’ll be surprised of his range of acting.”

Tanamor added that “Anonymous” would get Pattinson over the hump as a teen based actor to a serious actor. And the reasoning is the premise of “Anonymous”: Anonymous is a series of stories told by prisoners in their cells. Everyday, locked up in their cell, these prisoners spill their guts to the others through toilets and drain pipes, hoping to pass the time until they are able to see the light of day. Some of the stories, they disclose things that only locked up criminals should hear. The other stories, they explain why most people would agree that this group of misfits should be locked up. However, there is a huge twist at the end that sums up everything.

The stories revolve around murders, sex addiction, and pedophilia. As much as fans don’t want to see Pattinson in this type of role, Tanamor said it would gain Pattinson an entire new fan base. “Of course, this is still in its infant stages. There is nothing set in stone right now but if it would be turned into a movie, I want Pattinson,” Tanamor said.

What do you think Twi-hards? Should Pattinson open himself up to an edgy type role? Leave your comment and support here.

Interview with Jason Tanamor:

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"Anonymous" a fitting tribute to Chuck Palahniuk.
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Anonymous said...

Any one who has read the Twilight Saga books knows that Pattinson has done a truly fantastic job portraying Edward Cullen. To many actors try to put more into a character than was originally written. Robert Pattinson can handle any part they throw at him, especially if it requires a great face, a great voice and a new hollywood walk to rival John Wayne's for remembrance. Why not Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

I think the big GREEN MONSTER has hit hollywood and some people can not stand Robert Pattinson's success. The guy is a great actor, has a great voice, accent or not and the rest of the package looks pretty good to. He is due for a different type of role.

Anonymous said...

i don't relish the idea of seeing him in this role. i think he should try some comedy.


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