“Escape the Fate reveals new album release date and tour.”

DGC/Interscope Records rock band Escape the Fate (singer Craig Mabbitt, bassist Max Green, guitarist Monte Money and drummer Robert Ortiz) has revealed that the eagerly anticipated major label debut will be self-titled and unleashed on November 2nd.

Max explains, "We're making our mark on the world 100% through blood, sweat and tears and so we felt we should set it in stone by self titling our album."

The first track, "Massacre," from "Escape the Fate" premiered this weekend on MySpace and received more than 200,000 page views in just 48 hours. It is available on iTunes, and can be heard via:
http://interscope.edgeboss.net/download/interscope/escapethefate/audio/massacre.mp3. The pummeling song gives fans an electrifying mouthful of what's to come. Max offers, "We chose 'Massacre' as a street track for the fans because it is full force and us at our peak. Right out the gate it makes you wanna get up and break something!"


The band's forthcoming third album was produced by Don Gilmore (Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park). "Escape The Fate" blends metal licks with pop melodies and soaring guitar solos with anthemic choruses into an epic sound only hinted at on the band's previous discs: 2008's "This War Is Ours" and 2006's "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion." The album's rousing first official single, "Issues," will impact at radio this month.

"There are no more questions about who we are. This album is us, through and through," Monte says. "Every member has grown, and we're waving our flag. Welcome to fucking Escape The Fate." Max adds, "Our record will be the cure for the modern day music epidemic. We are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it!"

Known for incendiary live shows embracing the raucous Sin City lifestyle, Escape The Fate hits the road this fall as direct support to Bullet For My Valentine.


Check Escape the Fate out here www.escapethefate.com.


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