“Buckcherry’s Josh Todd on ‘All Night Long.’” - Interview

My favorite type of music is blues based rock that is dirty, raw and full of sex and attitude - think Aerosmith, Guns n Roses and of course Buckcherry. Buckcherry recently released the album “All Night Long” which is just amazing (see review here http://www.zoiksonline.com/2010/08/buckcherry-goes-all-night-long-on-new.html). The album, much like the previous four albums is solid beginning to end. You can tell they really took the time on “All Night Long.” Recently I got a chance to chat with front man Josh Todd about the new album, touring with Motley Crue and Kiss and the BP oil spill.

Q - How is the new album "All Night Long?”

A - Great it was just released and we've received lots of great feedback already.

Q - What is the writing and recording process like for Buckcherry and how is it different this time around compared to prior albums?

A - We got to take our time in the studio because we did it up at Keith's house - it was a laid back vibe and we got a chance to revisit songs and the arrangements without worrying about budgets getting in the way. It was the way we always wanted to make a record and I think it really reflected in the song writing.

Q - What is your favorite song so far on the new album "All Night Long?"

A - I like “Oh My Lord.” It's got a lot of hooks a good groove and a rocking chorus.

Q - Tell us about "Our World" and how you're raising money to support those affected by the BP oil spill?

A - I read this book called “The End of Oil” and it really opened my eyes on how much oil is a part of our lives in everything we do and how bad it's affecting our environment, our relationships, everything. Shortly after we wrote “Our World” and then before the record came out the spill happened and we teamed up with iTunes and all the proceeds from the downloads of the song go to helping out. There's a lot to be done down there and will be for some time.

Q - You guys were recently handpicked by Kiss to open for them on tour. A couple years ago you were handpicked by Motley Crue for the first ever Cruefest. What does this mean to you and what did you learn from these legends?

A - It means they have good taste and recognize the work we've put in and their love for rock n' roll. These guys see legends in the game and they've really taught us how to think about the BIG picture - hit songs, arena rock, and hard work.

Q - I've seen you guys live 5 different times; your songs translate so well live. What made you decide that is was time to release a live album ("Live & Loud 2009")?

A - It was something we've wanted to do for a long time. We built our reputation on our live show and it was time for a live record. It's hard to get a live record to sound good so we recorded 6 shows and took the best of those nights.

Q - I remember where I was the first time I heard Buckcherry. I was lying down in bed in college when I heard the opening riff of "Lit Up." It was like the second coming of my favorite music. It instantly reminded or early Aerosmith and Guns n Roses. As a fan of rock and hard rock I like all styles of music as I'm sure you do as well, but what made you decide bring back good old fashion rock n roll? Thank you for that by the way.

A - Rock n' roll is timeless and we always knew that when we started. People were hating on us in the beginning and are still even today so I know we're on to something. The bottom line is we love what we do, we've been fortunate enough to have a career for over a decade now with 5 studio records and the best fans in the world.

Be sure to pick up Buckcherry’s latest effort “All Night Long.” You can also check Buckcherry out at http://www.buckcherry.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/buckcherry.


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