“Birds of Tokyo is not as handsome as Indiana Jones. But the band has cool hats.” - Interview

Australian band Birds of Tokyo has come out with its new self-titled album which debuted at #1 on the Australian Independent charts and nearly topped Eminem from the top of the national Top 100 rankings. The band's hit single "Plans" is ruling the charts in Australia. Currently Birds of Tokyo is working on a US record deal which should bring the band over here shortly. Recently I got to sit down with the lovely member of Birds of Tokyo, Adam Spark.


Q - How did you guys get together?


A - No one else around the local music community would have us, so we decided to band together (pardon the pun)...we are basically the Sandlot Kids of the rock and roll world.


Q - Where did the name Birds of Tokyo come from?


A - Us. We made it up. Why? Coz the Sandlot Kids was taken.


Q - Who are some of your musical influences growing up?


A - My earliest days of buying and consuming music consisted of things like Public Enemy, NWA etc....I'm totally white and uncool, but that stuff ruled my world. Then it made its way down the road of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, etc.


Q - How would you describe your sound?


A - I guess we view it as fairly colorful and weighty. I fucking hate clichés, so I won't use them right here: It's like a "pop journey"....fuck. Hang on...I did it.


Q - Tell us a little bit about your newest album?


A - This is our third album...it's a self-titled album and is us finding our feet and exploring and examining all the rough shit we had walked through while writing...to be completely honest. It's very open and Kenny tells his tales of a semi-broken man I suppose, and dealing with this odd life that we lead...and it is odd.




Q - Can you take us through your song writing process?


A - I usually bring in music ideas, which then germinates through the combination of our collective brains. We have this thinking that: an idea feeds an idea, that feeds an idea...and we roll like that. It takes us strange places some times, but we are explorers - not as handsome as Indiana Jones - but we do have some cool hats.


Q - Do you feel that you have to be inspired to write a song?


A - I view music writing as a channel. I don't think you have to be "inspired" per se, but I do think as long as you keep your cognitive, musical doors open then you allow many ideas to flood onto the carpet.


Q - Will there be a tour to follow the release of the album?


A - I sure hope so. We are at a point where we feel our live show is feeling pretty cool and we are ready to share that with many more people.


Q - What can we expect from your live shows?


A - Glorious harmonies from this angelic choir of men that we are. It's really involving and we love the idea of resonating with people over massive amounts of noise and color. Live music is a beautiful scene.


Q - What other artists are you currently listening to?


A - It always changes, but at the moment, personally I'm down this road: Air / Phoenix / Eno / Arcade Fire / Phantogram. I've been learning more and more about Royksopp, which is really interesting and the XX. I love how music can be like Wikipedia, in that one new thing takes you to all these other musical pages.


Q - Thanks for taking the time. Is there anything else you'd like to add?


A - No, but thanks for listening. We appreciate it!


Check out Birds of Tokyo at www.birdsoftokyo.com.


Bob Zerull is the Managing Editor of Zoiks! Online. He writes pop culture commentary, does interviews with bands, and reviews music and stand-up concerts. He also administers Zoiks! Online's Facebook page. Follow Bob on twitter at bzerull. Email Bob at bob@zoiksonline.com.

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