"Big Brother 12 Recap: HoH SPOILER and Ragan's final move."

The Big Brother season is winding down and with only a handful of players left the opportunity for game play is dwindling while winning the challenges becomes far more important. We witness this from last week where Ragan narrowly misses his chance at the Power of Veto and seals his fate, or did he? This episode was all about Ragan making a last ditch effort to stay in the game was some very good arguments.

Ragan began working on Britney letting her know that he was the only person she could beat in the finals. I actually think Ragan is right on this one and Brit doesn't stand a chance against any of the other guys. He also reminds her that if he goes then Hayden or Enzo will put her up next week against Lane and it seems Britney is convinced she needs to keep Ragan. Next, Ragan goes to Lane and begins a similar strategy letting Lane know that Hayden and Enzo will take out Brit next week and that every Big Brother winner gets that one chance to make a big move and this was Lanes and Lane seems to agree, but it is hard telling with that oaf.

After seeing Ragan scramble for his life Big Brother cuts away to the jury house and we get to see Rachel and Brendon reunited. It was very anticlimactic and she really didn't seem as happy as I thought she would be. She actually looked kind of mad at him for getting voted out and she probably wanted a share of the half a million Big Brother prize. Everyone in the jury house seems to be getting along until Matt decides to come clean about his wife's fake disease. This pretty much made everyone hate him and especially Kathy who battled cancer in the past. I know what Matt did was pretty shady, but it is not like it hasn't been done in other reality shows and in a game like Big Brother players should realize anything goes. I think after the initial shock wears off the rest of the jury will get over it.

Big Brother cuts back to the house and the live vote. Here is our chance to see if Lane has any sense to him or if he really just got here by luck. And the vote was... 2-0 Ragan voted out. I think Britney would have kept Ragan if she knew Lane was on board, but he is too dense to make a bold move in the game like that.

So Ragan is voted out of the house and we get to see his little interview with Julie. I feel kind of bad for Ragan now because he describes Matt as brother like and will have a friendship with him for life. I wonder what he will do when he finds out about all the lies.

Finally, the most important HoH challenge of the game thus far and it is Christmas themed where each player must raise ornaments through a tiny hold fence and place them on various spots on a tree. This seems like it would have been an excellent challenge for Ragan and his tiny hands. HoH spoiler alert, please stop reading if you don't want to know the outcome. Hayden takes down the competition and is the new HoH and will probably send Britney packing next week, unless he realizes he has a much better chance at beating her than Lane or Enzo. I actually think Hayden could beat either of them as well, but we'll have to see how next week plays out. Check back at http://www.zoiksonline.com/ for the next article.


Scott Harris was in the army. He played poker for a living for about seven months. He likes golf and always wanted to write but never thought he was very good. Now, he’s writing about reality shows. It’s still determined if he’s any good. Email Scott at scott@zoiksonline.com.
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