"Steve Rice of No Justice talks music and '2nd Avenue.'" - Interview

No Justice’s new album “2nd Avenue” is filled with a solid mix of rock and country. And although the group is considered a country music band, the various backgrounds of each member make No Justice a solid mix of all types of music (Check out the review of “2nd Avenue” here: "No Justice's new album '2nd Avenue' is a solid mix of rock and country." – Music Review). Steve Rice, the front man of No Justice, recently sat down to talk about “2nd Avenue,” writing music, and his early influences.

Q - How would you describe your new album “2nd Avenue?”

A - An original blend of various genres of music for everyone who loves music to enjoy listening to.

Q - You guys definitely stay true to your country roots, but there is an element of rock n roll in your music. Where do you think that comes from?

A - The different musical backgrounds that each artist possesses. We get our country sound from where we come from but our rock from the music that we are influenced by.

Q - When you get ready to write an album, what is your song writing process? Since you're on the road so much do you find yourself writing on the road at all?

A - I usually am too busy on the road to find the time to write. But sometimes, if the song is ready to come out, I just let it wherever I am at the time. I like to sit down with friends and write when I’m off the road so I can focus a little better.

Q - Who are some of your early influences?

A - Counting Crows, Martin Sexton, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, U2, Matchbox Twenty, Bruce Springsteen.

Q - Are there any up and coming artists that you really like?

A - Turnpike Troubadours from Oklahoma.

Q - What advice would you give to a young artist trying to make it in today's ever changing music industry?

A - Save your money and be prepared to go broke for a few years while playing anywhere and everywhere for any amount of money. Be good to your fans, they are what make or break you.

Check out www.nojustuice.com for all things that are No Justice, including tour schedule and social site links.


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