"The Dollyrots stay true to sound on 'A Little Messed Up.'" - Interview

The Dollyrots’ new album, “A Little Messed Up” doesn’t come out until August 17th but fans can check out the band on tour now. Kelly Ogden, the front woman and bassist of the three member band, almost sat for the GRE’s but thankfully a hire power told her to pursue her dream in music – Dubya Bush. The former President was a huge inspiration for the band, and so Ogden and fellow band mates Luis Cabezas (guitar) and Chris Black (drums) decided to put The Dollyrots together.

Ogden recently took time out from the Dollyrots’ tour to chat about the band and the new album, “A Little Messed Up.”

Q – Where did the name Dollyrots come from?

A - We wanted the name to actually describe the band's sound. My voice was even sweeter back then (before years of touring seasoned it), and we played really fast, raw punk rock, so we wanted something to show the dichotomy between my voice and the music. We picked a whole bunch of gross, weird words and then a whole bunch of really cute words, and then we just literally picked from piles until we found a combination we liked. And it had to be "The _____s" as a nod to the girl group sound. The name was inspired by bands we like: Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, The Crystals, The Ronettes etc.

Q – I read on the Internet that the band was actually started just for fun but it wasn’t until Dubya took over office that you decided to take this seriously. First of all, is this true?

A - Yeah it is... I was supposed to take the GRE's the morning after the FL Election debacle. I was so sure that the world was going to end in a nuclear blast while Bush was in office so I decided to rethink what was really important to me in life. I decided to choose music, see the world and have some more life experience before committing more time to school and whatever 'normal' life might come after that. If the world doesn't end that is.

Q – Secondly, does Dubya Bush really inspire you?

A - He inspires me to educate myself and stay informed about current events in the world. And to not be an ignorant asshole. So yeah, in a weird way he does.

Q – Your album, “Because I’m Awesome” is filled with fun pop/rock/punk songs. This really was what launched the Dollyrots’ career. The new album, “A Little Messed Up,” comes out August 17th. How is the new album different than your previous ones?

A - We still sound like The Dollyrots on the new album but it's even more us and less obviously our influences. We've been doing this long enough now to trust our instincts. It's more rock and the best record we've ever made. Our fans will be very happy.

Q – Much of your music is featured in TV or film. Usually bands get notoriety on the radio or Internet. How did your music end up on TV shows and in films?

A - Our music is just great soundtrack music. And the radio... ugh. Mainstream radio is so crappy for the most part. It's filed with major label garbage because payola still exists. The music in film and TV is actually chosen by people (music supervisors) who actually love music and are given some creative license when it comes to placing songs. Our music was played on the radio (lots of XM stations, Disney Radio and some Top 40 too) but I feel like way more people who will actually be life-long fans are exposed to us through other avenues.

Q – Tell me about the new album, “A Little Messed Up.” (See the review of the new album here: "The Dollyrots show why they are 'A Little Messed Up.'" – Music Review)

A - What really make this one different is that we refused to stop until we were done. The first batch of songs (13 of them) came out great but we didn't feel like it was finished so we kept writing... and writing... and writing and then because of the timing of things we got to work with a bunch of awesome producers that we'd never worked with before. The only bad part of the process was having too many great songs to pick from. I think we made ourselves stop at 23. The result is a 13 song album that we're all really proud of. It is us at our best!

Q – What will the lead single be and how do you decide that?

A - I'm not sure what we're going with right now. It is usually decided by us, our management, the label (Blackheart) and even our publisher. What song ends up being chosen depends on a lot of things... radio, video ideas, any licensing that might be happening around the release date, blah, blah. It doesn't really matter too much to me. When I get records my favorite songs are not usually the "singles" and I figure our real fans will listen deeper into the record and find their own favorite too.

Q – Will there be a tour for this album? (Hopefully you’ll swing by my neck of the woods – Iowa/Illinois area)

A - Of course! We get back from this tour with Bowling For Soup, head to Decatur, IL for a festival and then hit the road Aug 24th right after the record comes out. I know we're hitting Chicago but not sure if there'll be any other stops in IA/IL. Once we get back from that tour we head out to the UK for the first time with Bowling For Soup, Forever The Sickest Kids and a UK band named "A." We absolutely can't wait for that one!

Q – Thank you very much. Anything you wanted to add?

A - Come see us at shows! We'll give you sweaty hugs!

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Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

im sorry. but the dollyrots fucking suck. she cant sing.. and the music is made for 10 yr olds. because im awesome is the worst song ive ever heard. its not punk. seeing them live was a complete waste of my time. its as if the girls of Full House decided to start a band. This would be the Dollyrots.


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