"Buckcherry goes 'All Night Long' on new album." - Music Review

The “Lit Up” boys in Buckcherry are back with another album called “All Night Long.” “All Night Long” is the follow up to “Black Butterfly,” Buckcherry’s most polished album to date. “All Night Long” reminds me almost more of a live album. The “Crazy Bitches” have been spent the last couple of years out on the road with Motley Crue and KISS and have apparently learned a thing or two along the way.

Four of the first five tracks are upbeat songs that contain guitar riffs that just ooze sex. The guitar licks will make you shake your hips while the chorus’ will force you to participate. The four songs I’m referring to are the title track, “It’s a Party,” “Oh My Lord” and “Recovery.” Why aren’t they hits? I suppose they could be, but this album kind of reminds me of Aerosmith “Rocks.” “Rocks” is the best Aerosmith album. The two hits off that album were “Back in the Saddle” and “Last Child.” Great songs, but the best songs on the album were “Combination,” “Nobody’s Fault,” “Get the Led Out” and “Lick and a Promise.” To me “All Night Long” is full of those deep tracks like “Rocks.”

A couple of other great tracks that sound like they’d translate well live are “Liberty” and “Dead.” They’re different than the tracks I mentioned above. “Dead” just has a rocking lick that is more likely to have your first pumping than your hips shaking. “Liberty” almost has a southern rock feel to it, kind of Black Crowes-ish. I love the wah effect with the slide guitar.

There are several ballads on the album, the one that I think will stick and potentially be a big hit is “Bliss.” It’s got a great big sing along chorus about falling in love. The chicks are going to melt and the sensitive guys are going to relate. Recently guitarist Keith Nelson went on record as saying Buckcherry has never made the same album twice. I had to think about that for a little bit, because what Buckcherry has done well is maintain that old school rock tone. However being an owner of every Buckcherry album he is right, what is impressive is that while every album is totally different the band is still true to its original sound which I think is amazing.

“All Night Long” is an album full of kick ass songs. These songs are going to translate so well live. If you go out and buy this album based on my recommendation and don’t like it, then I highly encourage that you go and see them live, because once you hear these songs live you’ll be converted I promise. I can’t wait for the next chance to catch them.


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