"No Justice's new album '2nd Avenue' is a solid mix of rock and country." – Music Review

Either my tastes in music have changed as I’ve gotten older or No Justice’s new album, “2nd Avenue” isn’t 100% country music. I’m going to go with both. Not that I’m against country music; I’ve just never been into the traditional throw my dog out the trailer park type of guy.

Garth Brooks broke into the rock scene years ago and since then a number of country music artists have transcended into the land of rock n’ roll while still maintaining its country roots.

No Justice, a band that hails from Texas, is a veteran in country music with seven Top 10 singles and a pair of number one hits on Texas radio. Like Brooks, No Justice is one of those bands that could make some noise in rock music. The band’s new effort, “2nd Avenue” is a rock/country mix of solid songs from beginning to end. With catchy melodies in “Going Nowhere” and the title song, “2nd Avenue” it’s only a matter of time that No Justice will be known across all genres of music.

When I first heard the tracks on “2nd Avenue,” the band Lonestar came to mind. Not that I’m comparing the two band’s music, but each band has that crossover aspect that will gain fans from different backgrounds of music. I’ve always been a metal guy but can appreciate all types of good music. A few weeks ago I was in Nashville at the legendary Tootsie’s and got the chance to see live country music. I gained a new respect for the genre. No Justice is one of the bands that probably sounds just as good live as it does on CD.

Other notable tracks are “Love Song” and “5 More Minutes.” Overall, “2nd Avenue” is a fantastic album that will appease to any music fan, country or not. Steve Rice, who fronts the band, said, “No Justice is a diverse band that’s been inspired by a lot of different artists, and because of that we appeal to just about anybody...from cowboys to punk rock chicks.” You can definitely tell that in the album.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

2nd Avenue is another great studio album from No Justice. I always tell everyone that No Justice is the best band you've probably never heard of - at least until now. I loved their previous two studio albums (Far From Everything & No Justice) and 2nd Avenue does not disappoint.


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