“Korn plays in corn.” – Concert Review

Like any good Korn fan I found out that Korn would be premiering their new live performance video "Korn Live: The Encounter" on HDNET on Sunday night (July 11th), so I made sure I caught it. I found out about it after visiting Korn's website (www.korn.com). There is a video that reads "On June 21st, 2010, on the eve of the Summer Solstice, a crop circle appeared just south of Bakersfield. Three days later, on the night of the full moon, The Encounter begins….." Then the video shows some overhead footage of the crop circle, with "Korn III" being carved into one of the circles.


Is carved the right word when we're talking about crop circles? Is plowed a better word? Unfortunately the crop circles weren't in a corn field, although you could see corn fields off in the distance. Korn would then literally be going back to their roots for their new album. Upon hearing about this performance, I must admit I thought it was kind of funny, goofy, silly, corny (or korny…I'm so funny), but I like goofy and funny, those words usually mean fun, and fun usually means entertaining. Fun is definitely what I had while watching "Korn Live: The Encounter."


This concert performance premiered just 28 hours before the release of Korn's new highly anticipated album, "Korn III: Remember Who You Are." "The Encounter" featured many performances of new material. I didn't take notes nor do I have a set list from the show, but I'm pretty sure Korn played more new songs than they did old songs, but I may be mistaken; either way, they played a lot of new material and I must admit it translates very well live.



It was very evident that Fieldy, Munky, Jonathan Davis and Ray Luzier were having a blast. I've seen Korn live around 10 times give or take and watching this performance of them playing without an audience, in a crop circle, was no different than watching them play for an arena packed full of Korn fans. I really enjoyed the show. They kind of put a new twist onto the song "Falling Away from Me" which I really liked. Davis brought the bagpipes out for "Shoots and Ladders" and then they even busted out "Clown" which I hadn't heard in awhile.


I was kind of shocked they didn't play "Blind," but sometimes it's pretty cool when a band leaves their big hit out so that they can get a couple of songs that don't get played much into the set. The highlight for me was probably the new materially specifically "The Past." During the middle/ending section of "The Past," Davis whispers/cries "run away, go away" over and over again. By the end of that section Davis is full out crying, he throws his microphone and you can kind of here him yell, "I fucking hate that (the next part was inaudible, he either said "song" of "part")." Davis then stormed off "stage." If it wasn't real, it was great acting.


Another cool thing was that in between all of the songs, the band did these eerie jams. They were just making noise really. Even Jonathan Davis would pick up a guitar and make noise. A lot of times these noises would evolve into the next song. I always enjoy when bands do that. I'm curious as to if Korn are going to try and incorporate this crop circle theme into the "Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival" and their other live performances to come. They could probably have a lot of fun with it.


The show continues to play on HDNET all week long, check your local listings. The worldwide premiere of "Korn Live: The Encounter" will be on MySpace July 12th. Korn's new album "Korn III: Remember Who You Are" featuring the hit single "Oildale" and the return or Korn's original producer Ross Robinson hits stores on July 13th, check out my review of "Korn III" here: http://www.zoiksonline.com/2010/07/korn-iii-remember-who-you-are-music.html.


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Anonymous said...

he broke down at the end of "Are You Ready To Live"

Bob Zerull said...

Dammit you're right, thanks for catching that.

Dan said...

and hes said i fucking hate that song* :P