"Dilana compares Adam Lambert to Freddie Mercury."

Last January rock star Dilana was sitting in the audience at the Grammy’s watching P!nk’s amazing live performance where she dangled from the rafters on a silk scarf. I got to chat with Dilana later that week and she told me that she wants to be on that stage. She also went on to talk about her most recent album “InsideOut.” I also got her take on “American idol’s” Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. She had nothing but good things to say about both, check out that interview here.

In more recent news, Dilana has been nominated for best actress at the Action on Film International Film Festival, for her acting debut performance in “Angel Camouflaged,” a title that just so happened to come from one of her songs. You can check out footage of the film here. She looks great in it. You always wonder when a musician dabbles in acting or vice versa, but from the footage I’ve seen Dilana appears to be a natural and she scored a best actress nomination as well, so she must have done something right.

Dilana said about her nominations: “I am beyond thrilled to have received this nomination. Being chosen as lead actress in ‘Angel Camouflaged’ was an honor in itself and this nomination is the icing on a sweet, sweet cake.” Dilana has apparently been bitten by the acting bug, because she is scheduled to appear in two more films. “Here After” starts filming in a couple of months and “Silence,” which begins filming early next year. Thankfully she will not be quitting her day job; she will also be in charge of the soundtracks for both films.

So congratulations Dilana, I hope the film industry shows you more respect than the music industry did.


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Anonymous said...

Gotta say Delana is right. I believe Adam Lambert is the best male vocalist of this generation. His tour is sold out everywhere and he is a phenomenal entertainer. It is a blast to see this man live and his voice takes you to places no one else these days can.