"'The Big Brother 12' house has two fairies." - Recap

The second episode of “Big Brother 12” brought the first showmance between Rachel and Brendan. Brendan wowed Rachel when she found out he had advanced degrees in science and believe it or not she has a degree in science too. These two seem to be really into each other and everyone is noticing.

We also got to see the first official alliance form as Enzo creates his own Mafia and he seems to be the godfather. He gets together with Hayden, Matt, and Lane to form the “Brigade;” he even gives them all nicknames and declares himself “meow, meow.” Annie tries to connect with Ragan (a boy) and tells him she has had a girlfriend for the last year and a half and they hug. We also get our first have and have not’s competition. Hayden, the HOH, gets to MC it and comes out in a fairy costume and Ragan says, “I thought I was the only fairy in here.”

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In the competition Britney stays true to form and is again one of the weakest physical competitors, but Kathy takes the cake this time. She single handedly costs her team, consisting of Matt, Rachel, and Ragan, the competition and her team will be eating slop all week, taking cold showers, and sleeping in the worst big brother room in history. The room has hard lawn chairs for beds and is filled with bugs. Enzo declares when he enters the room, “it smells like piss in here!”

The saboteur also strikes again putting blue X’s over Britney and Kathy’s pictures which causes a stir and upsets them both. During the nomination ceremony Hayden puts up Brendan and Rachel because they are so close. The goal is to take out Brendan and Rachel is just a pawn, but we all know the pawn usually ends up going.

I think Enzo is the most entertaining of the show so fair. He is aggressive and a real walking talking Jersey cliché. I wonder how long the Brigade alliance will last. I think it was pretty bold Matt declared it the strongest alliance in BB ever. Doesn’t he know the game just started? Check back at zoiksonline.com Wednesday for an update on the next show.


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Scott said...

I have nooooo clue right now who the saboteur is! I think this is going to be a great season.

susie said...

i think it might be annie(the one that is a lesbian) but who knows it is still to early to know, and with big brother, it could be the most obvious person, but we say "no that is to obvious"
great show!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed online that each house guest has their "game plan" on how they are going to play the game posted EXCEPT Hayden...hmmmmm?! A possible clue?

Anonymous said...

I still think it is going to be a girl, but that is just because it is more unexpected. Big brother does like to drop little clues though. Anonymous may be on to something.