"Sister Sin brings 80’s music back without the cheesy Poison lyrics." - Interview

Hear me out. I’ve never heard of Sister Sin. Growing up in the 80’s I was a huge fan of Skid Row, Motley Crue, and LA Guns. These bands had an 80’s sound but it wasn’t too Bon Jovi-ish or Winger-like (although I wanted to be Kip Winger); rather it was on the heavier side of the spectrum. Fast forward to now.

The sound I fell in love with hit me again recently when I was leaving a Chevelle show. Sister Sin and its record label’s street team were working that night. Thank God they were. Really, thank God. That’s because, one of the songs on the sampler CD was from Sister Sin, a song called “Outrage.” Let’s just say, I was reunited with that 80’s heavy sound. Sister Sin’s drummer, Dave, recently chatted with Zoiks! Online about the band, its sound and the new album.

Q –Where did the name Sister Sin come from?

A - From an old Swedish band called Machine Gun Kelly, they had a song called "Sister Sin"

Q – Who are the members of the band?

A – Liv, Vocals; Jimmy, Guitar; Dave, Drums; and Benton, Bass.

Q – Sister Sin has kind of an ‘80’s sound. I hear Skid Row and LA Guns a little in your music. How do you describe your music?

A - I would describe it as easy as Heavy Metal but people like to label it under all kinds of different categories of course. We definitely have an 80´s metal feel like Accept, W.A.S.P, and early Motley Crue but we’d like to think we’re bringing it up to date with a bit more current sound and skipping the cheesy "let’s party" Poison lyrics.

Q – With music being cyclical, how does Sister Sin maintain longevity and originality while adapting to styles that may come and go? (We’ve seen Aerosmith and Metallica change their sounds a little to accommodate the change in music.)

A - Since we started in Gothenburg we’ve always been against the grain as you can imagine so I don’t see a reason why we would suddenly change and jump on the next bandwagon. I can definitely see us developing our sound for every record but I think it’s important to keep the core of it. We’ll have Motorhead as a guiding star to stay consistent. :) We have never strived for huge commercial success and that probably helps too.

Q – What do you think of shows like “American Idol” that promise everything for doing nothing?

A - Just gets a faulty perception for people who want to make it as an artist how everything works in the business. Being a musician and trying to survive from it is hard work all the time and not one or two auditions for a greedy Englishman who wants to fast cash on a one hit wonder. What I really don’t get is why talented people apply for that show because you’ll usually get a life span equal to milk carbon and after that no other labels wanna touch you with a two foot pole.

Q – The new album is called, “True Sound Of The Underground.” Tell me a little bit about this album and what fans can expect from it.

A - Well, it’s a bit more metal orientated than the last one, more to the point. No slow tracks or power ballads here. Just fist in the air, thriving guitar solos and a well deserved bitchslap to the current scene.

Q – What was the writing and recording process like for this album versus the last album “Switchblade Serenades?”

A - Kind of different actually. "Switchblade" was our first full length album and we’d written the songs over a couple of years. The whole perspective makes it a lot easier to choose tracks for the album because you’ve evaluated them both live and on demos for a long time. For the new one we only had 3 months of writing which makes it harder to reflect which songs are really good. But we did work very hard and we did proper pre-production which made it easier also. We had much more time in the studio as well with this compared to the first one, also had a producer who was very picky with details and stuff so we ended up really happy with the result.

Q – Sister Sin is from Sweden. Any thoughts of making the move to the states?

A - We have thought about it. But that probably won’t happen. We do try to focus a lot on the U.S. for this album but we do have a bigger fan base in Europe which makes it a lot easier to book tours and festivals and it’s much comfortable to have that available if we do have down time from North American tours.

Q – Will there be a tour to accommodate “True Sound Of The Underground?”

A - Yeah, we’re starting a U.S. tour in San Diego the 18th of July with M.S.G and Lynch Mob until the 19th of August, and then we have another run lined up in North America starting in September. When we do get back to Europe in November we’ll tour here to the end of the year.

Q – Anything else you want to add?

A - Buy our album! It was released the 21st of June in North America on Victory Records. It kicks ass and is available everywhere! CHEERS.

For more information on Sister Sin, visit them on the web: www.sistersin.com.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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