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The Irish trio Kopek drop their debut album “White Collar Lies,” June 29th digitally at www.kopekofficial.com. Our very own Jason Tanamor claimed that “White Collar Lies” is the best album of 2010, and I have to agree with him. The band’s one of the hardest working bands out there. They’ve paid their dues for ten years, and now it is their time to shine. Recently I got a chance to talk with front man Daniel Jordan.

Q - How would you describe your band's sound?

A - It’s been described as hard rock that blows the steel of an armored tank, with some songs I suppose that’s true. The sound has been a while in the making, as a three piece we always had to come up with little ideas and tricks to make our live sound bigger. People always say that it sounds really big live. It’s definitely hard rock; we listen to a lot of classic rock music as well so I suppose that comes through too. For this record I think the fact that we spent so much time gigging and touring as a three piece gave us a really solid base to elaborate on. When you really get immersed in the studio you get to the point where music and the writing becomes like a second language. It can be effortless at times but also quite frustrating. Since we started the band the focus has always been on the song. We never do anything just for the sake of it. It all has to support that original idea or sentiment. I suppose it’s because we never followed any fads or trends. A lot of music today seems to be just more of what sells as opposed to coming from its own place.

Q - How did the band get together?

A - Shane and Brad are next-door neighbors and have been friends for years. They had been playing together for a while and then they found me through an ad in a music magazine in Dublin. Lucky Bastards! So we started rehearsing and playing some shows around Dublin. It was a blast! Hey it must have been fun; we’re still together right!!?

Q - You guys have been together a long time, now you're finally getting your debut album released. How was that album written? Was it written in the studio, was it songs you had been playing for years?

A - Well the songs got written in all kinds of ways. We wrote Fever a couple of years ago in LA after a trip to Crazy Girls…. (Those in the know will know!!!). Then a song like Subhuman was done on my own and finished in the studio. “Love is Dead” was a real space jam song. The riff and the whole groove and the idea really came together in the studio in one session. So there is no real formula to it when the music comes it just comes you know? Lyrically it can also happen in different ways. Sometimes you have a very definite subject that you’re writing about like for example in “White Collar Lies.” It really doesn’t pull any punches so you have to stay a little focused with songs like that. In bigger than us all, rather than being so direct we wanted to use the words to capture the sentiment.

Q - Tell us about your new album "White Collar Lies." Where does the title come from and what were your inspirations?

A - It’s been something that has come together over a few years. The inspiration came from a lot of different places some are quite obvious but others are a bit more personal. I suppose we just write about the things that we see happening in the world or going on with us, or the stuff we talk about with our friends. The title comes from the title track on the album. We wrote it a few years ago and it was inspired by the hardship and pain that war and big business can cause. It’s sad that it is so relevant once again considering things that are going on right now like the BP spill and the financial crisis. The white collars do and the blue collars pay.

Q - What's the music video process like? Who came up with the concept of the video?

A - Johan Hesselgren, our director for the video, came up with the concept of the lyrics moving along the girl’s body. We loved it instantly. It’s such a big song lyrically that the idea of visually representing the lyrics really appealed to us, and also the whole sexy rock and roll theme was perfect for the song. The experience was a lot of fun, Johan is a really cool guy, the poor guy was shakin’ with the amount of coffee he drank. I think the shoot went on for seventeen hours!

Q - Who were your early influences?

A - My very earliest influences were bands like the Stones, Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana. I was always drawn to music that was edgy and less than perfect. I think there is a hell of a lot more honesty and credibility in music that just bears it all.

Q - What bands are you listening to right now?

A - At the moment I’m listening to "Exile from Main Street," by the Stones, I saw the documentary last week, you need to see it! Also Them Crooked Vultures, those guys are serious. It was great to hear that proper rock sound again and hopefully it will encourage labels to sign more rock bands and open the doors for newer stuff coming through. I listen to a lot of blues as well. Muddy Waters, Son House and Robert Johnson. Again it’s the rawness and little imperfections that I find attractive.

Q - Are there any plans to tour?

A - Yeah, we are planning to get over in the next few months. If we make it over the border! We are really looking forward to getting out and playing the record live. We’ve been to the states a few times and always found the crowd really up for it. It’s always been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. A lot of the music we listen to comes from the states so it’s always great to be over there and visit the places where it all went down.

Q - What's been your most embarrassing stage moment?

A - We were on tour in Switzerland, and in the middle of the song I put my foot on the wha pedal and it slipped off the stage and I went after it. Classic! Woke up two minutes later and those fuckers were still playing!

Q - What is the bands greatest achievement thus far?

A - I think it was finishing that gig with the other two in fits of laughter and me semi-conscious.

Q - Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A - Yeah, just that we are really looking forward to getting over to USA and rocking out live. Hopefully it will be soon enough. Hope you enjoy the album and thanks for the support!!

Head over to www.kopekofficial.com and pick up the best album of 2010, “White Collar Lies.” It’s good stuff.


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jerrzvurl said...

This band is going to KILL IT live. When are they planning a US Tour, please keep readers updated. Their vibes is passionate and imperfection. They seem to know they can still kick some ass and still be themselves. RoCK ON KOPEK.


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