"Saving Abel talks about 'Miss America.'" - Interview

Saving Abel is back with sophomore effort “Miss America” due out June 8th, featuring the hit single “Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood).” Saving Abel is a hits machine straight out of Corinth, Mississippi. The band’s sound is easily accessible to anyone who enjoys rock music. It is easy to see why the guys have had so much success thus far. I recently chatted with front man Jared Weeks about the new album “Miss America” and the secret to Saving Abel’s success.

Q - How would you describe the sound of the new album “Miss America?”

A - An evolved version of Saving Abel. We've stayed true to our roots while growing as song writers and musicians. We went a little heavier, but our sound is still cohesive.

Q - Why did you name the new album “Miss America?”

A - There is a song on the album with the same title. We agreed on that as far as naming the album.... we wanted it to be named after one of the songs. We we're in Kuwait playing for the troops when the discussion came up. It seemed like a no brainer. The song is killer and the meaning runs deep.

Q - What's your favorite song on the new album?

A – “Contagious.” Great progression, hooky melody... guitarmageddon

Q - Your new single "Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)" is great. Your sound is easily accessible to all music fans. Where does that sound come from?

A - Our producer has a knack for making our songs work sonically. We all write, but sometimes he has to reel us back in a little. Songwriting is very important.... and I think we've got that part covered! Production, engineering and mixing are entirely different entities. We leave that part to Skidd Mills and I can't say enough about how integral a part of the team that he is.

Q - When recording “Miss America,” was there any anxiety over its success, especially after having so much success with your debut album?

A - No. We didn't have time to worry, we we're too busy touring and playing “Addicted.”

Q - How was the writing and recording process of “Miss America” different from your debut album?

A - The recording was the same. The writing all came from the road this time. The songs are a very honest representation of us as people.

Q - Do you have any touring plans lined up for the remainder of 2010?

A - We have a headlining tour lined up for July. That’s all I can say for now, but I hear rumblings of big things!!

Q - How many songs off of “Miss America” will make it into your set?

A - Between 4 and 8 depending on set length.

Q - What are you listening to right now?

A - A Memphis band called “Tetanus.”

Q - What's your most embarrassing stage moment?

A - Playing "Rock on the Range" in front of 30,000 people with a gaping hole in my crotch.

Q - What has been your favorite career moment thus far?

A - Receiving a Gold record, going to the Grammy's and playing "Memphis in May.”

Be sure to check out “Miss America,” in stores June 8th; also head over to www.savingabel.com of www.myspace.com/savingabel for tour updates and other Saving Abel news.

For a sneak preview of Saving Abel (live on Soundcheck), head over to: soundcheck.walmart.com/saving-abel.


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