"Runner Runner signs with David Letterman’s music label." - Interview

Runner Runner, hailing from the punk mecca Huntington Beach, CA, has recently signed with David Letterman’s new label. Currently the band is hanging out in Los Angeles with producer Dave Darling (Stray Cats, Brian Setzer, Soultive), working on self titled debut album.

Runner Runner is made up of front man Ryan Ogren; guitarist Nick Bailey; guitarist Peter Munters; bassist Jon Berry; and drummer James Ulrich (not the spawn of Metallica’s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich). I recently got the chance to talk with the band.

Q - How would you describe your debut album?

Ryan Ogren - I haven’t heard it.

Q - What's your favorite song off the new album?

Nick Bailey – “So Obvious.”

Q - You guys came from other bands to form Runner Runner. How did the band get together and was it tough to adjust to the new settings?

RO - We all met on tour. It was an easy transition because we have music in our blood. We just decided to start jamming on fun pop songs from The Cars and Elvis Costello; it evolved from there.

Q - What are your upcoming touring plans?

NB - May/June select dates with Amber Pacific and Cartel. July/August with Secondhand Serenade.

Q - Who are your early musical influences?

NB - Tom Petty, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Journey, Led Zeppelin, The Fixx.

Q - You have signed to David Letterman's new label. How did that come about and how involved is Dave?

RO - We haven’t met David yet, we can’t wait to. We have to earn our stripes and work our way up to playing Letterman. The connection came from management which is a division of World Wide Pants.

Q - You guys have played with some pretty big name acts such as Fall Out Boy and Angel's & Airwaves. What is that like?

NB - Great opportunity; we love playing with bands we look up to, chance to get in front of a lot of people is awesome, and we make the most of it every time.

Check out the new single “So Obvious” which comes out on June 15th. You can also catch up with Runner Runner at www.runnerrunnermusic.com, on Myspace at www.mypsace.com/runnerrunnermusic, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/runnerrunner, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/runnerrunner and YouTube at www.youtube.com/ryanrunnerrunner.


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jessica Alexandra said...


be sure to go to helprunnerrunner.com to download a free song and help them out!

Lisa said...

I still can't believe they got signed with Letterman's new label! That's so cool and I can''t wait to hear more from them! If you go to HelpRunnerRunner.com you can get a free download :)

Delia said...

I was super excited when I found out these boys got signed. They are really amazing guys with even more amazing music and now everyone will get to love them just like I do. (: If you don't already listen to Runner Runner, you can download their new single 'So Obvious' at www.helprunnerrunner.com for FREE. So do yourself a favor and check them out!

Brandon R said...


Click the banner to help out Runner Runner! If you like their new single, please download the song FOR FREE!!! :D :D

Brandon R said...

Ignore my above comment >.<

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Anonymous said...

I saw them in Milwaukee last year with White Tie affair, and they were SOOO MUCH FUN! after their set, Nick Bailey came up to me (!!!!) and said "dude, you were so cool, i love when people in the crowd sing along" and yeah, that was amazing. if you have the opportunity, GO SEE THEM before they get "too big"


Andrew said...

whaaadup! Leme hear some loOoveee! as a big fan myself I wouldn't want you guys to miss out on another awesome band Runner Runner! If you haven't heard about them, check them OUT! I promise you wont be disappointed! I love them all the people and on this board love them!

Follow the Link below and check out the free download! yes thats right... FREE! there's nothing like SOCAl!

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Czarina said...

And now they're signed to Letterman!! I'm so proud of Runner Runner!! I'm proud to be a fan since they started writing music. I love you RR!! <333

Let's get cranking some Runner Runner songs right now and daily!! http://www.helprunnerrunner.com

Pa Vue said...



Can't wait to see them VERY SOON!
also their ALBUM.. EXCITED!

Marie said...


Be sure to download "So Obvious"

nbarbaglia said...

RUNNER RUNNER blows my mind every time I hear their music!! I cannot wait to see them perform AGAIN TONIGHT!!!!!



Jessica said...

These guys are incredibly talented! Every song that they create is both catchy and with lyrics that are easy to relate to. To download their song So Obvious now for free check out:


Anonymous said...

i loveeeee RunnerRunner's music. I found out about them on twitter and im addicted to their songs! i hope the guys make it up to CT soon!


nikki said...

Gah!!! I love these boys, they never fail to amaze me. Ever since the boys came together and formed Runner Runner nothing but creativity and true talent has been showed. For example the stop motion video, or “So Obvious” (which you should watch and download at http://www.helprunnerrunner.com/). If you haven’t seen or heard of these guys yet you need to! I promise you’ll love them or your money back guarenteed lol kidding of course but seriously check them out!!!!


Anonymous said...

RunnerRunner.. what can I say about them? They're not only a band full of hot guys, but hot music too. What more could I ask for? What more could YOU ask for? Their hit single, "So Obvious", can be downloaded at http://www.helprunnerrunner.com So look at the link.. HELP RUNNER RUNNER. You'll help yourself to some great music too! Help them get their album out and you might just be hearing more from this Huntington Beach band. :)

Victoria said...

Runner Runner is the new upcoming band that will have you singing at the top of your lungs and dancing like there's no tomorrow! They are incredibly talented men who are so humble and sweet towards their fans.

To download their hit single "So Obvious" for FREE, head over to www.helprunnerrunner.com and check out their other amazing songs on iTunes or their Myspace page :D

illimani said...

Runner Runner is wow no words to describe how much i love this band cant wait to see them play live. go to helprunnerrunner.com to get there song for FREE!!! these guys are sooooooo cool!!! really chill and down to earth look for their myspace, twitter, youtube, and facebook!!!

xxrawr said...

Runner Runner is amazing! I love all their music and can't wait to hear more! Also hope they come to Canada so I can see them!


Aiden said...

They totally deserve it.
They have great music and awesome personalities!
Please go to http://www.helprunnerrunner.com to listen and download their hit “So Obvious” for FREE!!!

sara :) said...

runner runner is so talented!! :)
they have amazing songs and a really cool sound :D
you can download one of their best songs, so obvious, at http://www.helprunnerrunner.com

Anonymous said...

I hope they actually play on Lettermans show.. So I can actually see them live(ish)... ;)



Matty said...

I hope they actually play on Lettermans show.. So I can actually see them live(ish)... ;)


Shannon said...

Runner Runner is so amazing! I love them! They have amazing songs and are awesome live. It’s just a matter of time before they become huge!

http://www.helprunnerrunner.com [free download of an awesome RR song]


i'm so proud of Runner Runner for signing to david letterman's label! it's amazing!

check out helprunnerrunner.com for a free download of their single!

Anonymous said...

i love runner runner, and i am excited to see them become bigger and bigger as time goes by.

Alyssa said...

Playing with Amber Pacific, Cartel, and Secondhand Serenade?? Absolutely amazing and something nobody should ever miss!! Download "So Obvious" at helprunnerrunner.com

AmberOhhh said...

That's so cool! Runner Runner is amazing, they totally deserve it :)

Also, don't forget to go to helprunnerrunner.com to download a free song and help them out!!

laura/patrickismyidol said...

The guys of runner runner are such great guys to be around have a fantastiv ability to put on GREAT shows . go to www.helprunnerrunner.com for a free single ! you wont be disappointed (:

maju said...

that's just awesome! and the interview it's cool (as they are)
RR fans, you can download free songs here: www.helprunnerrunner.com

SLYQ said...

I cannot wait to see them hitting harder!
rr fans check out their latest song here:

sarah said...

Runner Runner seems so humble & they're moving up quickly. They still reply to their fans on facebook and even follow people on twitter :)

Helprunnerrunner.com for free music downloads


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