"OneRepublic opens up for Bon Jovi and U2." - Interview

The band OneRepublic does not need to ‘apologize’ for its sudden success in music. That’s because, although it seems as if they came out of nowhere to have overnight success, OneRepublic has actually been together for 5 years.

Brent Kutzle, bass player for the band, checked in to talk music, Bon Jovi and their new album, “Waking Up.”

Q – How did the name OneRepublic come about?

A - Ryan was looking at a globe wanting a name that was somewhat universal and came up with 'Republic.' We found out there was already a 'Republic' existing and changed it to 'OneRepublic.'

Q – The band kind of exploded out of nowhere when the song “Apologize” hit it big. The reality though is that OneRepublic had been around for almost 5 years before. How does it feel to have finally ‘made it?’

A - It feels like hard work actually did pay off. The band formed in Colorado and decided to leave their families and friends to pursue a career in LA. The first album had been written about three years before Timbaland made the call to remix "Apologize." It was a shock to all of us, dropping a remix before our debut album. I don't think a band has ever broken that way, but times are different and music and its listeners are constantly changing.

Q – “Apologize” had around 4 million downloads, which contributed to the band’s popularity. How has the Internet changed the musical landscape for artists wanting to catch a break?

A - The internet has forced individual songs to matter much more than albums, as a body of work. Sifting through iTunes and finding your favorite songs or the ones that grab your attention couldn't be easier. It's making artists consider how often they put out singles and how strong those singles have to be.

Q – With so much technology geared to help musicians get their name out, do you feel that bands have a better chance to succeed or is the market oversaturated with music and entertainment?

A - The market is absolutely oversaturated and is continuing to burst at the seams with new artists and bands. The online format for a band to gain any type of exposure is available to anyone; it's just a matter of maintaining that exposure and relevancy.

Q – Joining the two of you are Train and Gavin DeGraw. That’s kind of a different mix of genres. What do you think the atmosphere will be like?

A - We're actually all opening on different nights, not at the same time. It's somewhat intimidating being the only opening act for as big a name as Bon Jovi. Those are big shoes, but we couldn't be more excited. We've also been informed that we'll be doing some U2 dates in Europe. That will, collectively, be a lifelong goal we've wanted to reach and can't believe the day has come.

Q – The new album “Waking Up” came out in November 2009. How is this album different than the others?

A - "Waking Up" was written while we were touring "Dreaming Out Loud" and was constructed, partially, in hotel rooms, buses, friends’ houses and random studios all over the world. There are definitely more guitars, heavier drums and plenty of strings. We thought we'd have a bit of fun with this one and decided to record it in a house by a park in Denver. "All the Right Moves" turned out as great as we hoped and decided to go with that as a lead off single.

Q – What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

A - Favorites are tough and my opinion changes all the time, but right now "Everybody Loves Me." A kind of 'off the wall' track that makes you go, "Huh? Did he actually just say that?"

Q – What do you want fans to take away from the new album?

A - We would hope that everyone would find the song on the album that connects with them the most and make that one of their top 10 of the year. That's pretty much all we could ask for, other than coming to our show. Thank you to those who make everything we do totally worth it. You have no idea how much it means to us.

For more information on OneRepublic, visit their website at: www.onerepublic.net.

OneRepublic is:

Ryan Tedder (lead vocals, guitar, piano)
Zach Filkins (guitar, backing vocals)
Drew Brown (guitar)
Brent Kutzle (bass, cello)
Eddie Fisher (drums)


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