"The Maine hits the road to support its new album." - Interview

The Maine’s new album, “Black & White,” strays a bit from the band’s last album. But, according to Kennedy, the drummer of the band, that’s not such a bad thing. He recently stopped by to talk about the new album’s sound and what fans can expect from a live show.

Q – Why did you name the band The Maine?

A - It came from a song called "The Coast of Maine" by a band named Ivory.

Q – What does each member bring to the band?

A - Each member bring a positive attitude to the group; I’ve never been around so many people that get along so well.

Q – Your style of music mixes ‘90’s indie, pop and rock. How do you draw from influences yet still maintain originality?

A - We learn from our influences as well as our personal experiences. Our attempts at originality are a combination of the two.

Q – Like a lot of bands, you built your fan base via MySpace. How do you think the Internet and its social sites have changed the musical landscape?

A - The Internet’s role in music is two faced. On one side, it is helping bands reach people thousands of miles away with just a click of a button. On the other side, those people can turn around and illegally download the music with the same ease.

Q – Your new album, “Black & White,” will hit stores July 2010. What can fans expect from the album?

A - We are very proud of our new album; we tried to bring a little more rock into the songs this time around.

Q – I read that this album is a departure from The Maine’s sound. Are you afraid that there will be a disconnect from fans that are used to a certain type of music?

A - Not at all, I think that our fans who know us now will not be surprised with this record.

Q – The band will headline a tour in July to support the album called, “An Evening With The Maine.” How much of the show will be the new album and how much will be older stuff?

A - There's a good combination, there will be a lot of new songs, but more older ones than new.

Q – Other than merchandise, what do you want fans to take away with them when they leave a show?

A - We want them to take away the experience, and walk away knowing that our band tried to put on our best show possible!

For more information on The Maine, visit their website: www.wearethemaine.net.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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