"The Spill Canvas was influenced by Van Morrison, Jimmy Eat World, and Eminem." - Interview

One of the perks of my job is the ability to have new music find me, instead of me finding it. Such is the case with The Spill Canvas. I have never even heard of them until one day they were passed along to me. When I checked them out I was floored to know that I hadn’t heard of them before. That’s because The Spill Canvas is not only a great band, but a great group of musicians. Nick Thomas, the front man and mastermind of the band, recently stopped by to chat.

Q - How did the band get together?

A - It began with just me writing solo acoustic tunes in high school and playing around local coffee shops. After I graduated, I hit the road immediately. Following that tour I put Spill on hiatus to play guitar in a metal band called Nodes of Ranvier. Eventually I parted ways and took up Spill Canvas again with the intention to turn it into a full rock band. I conveniently found the others in high school and from that point on, we went through a guitarist, a couple bass players, several records, countless miles of touring, and here we are.

Q - Where did the band get its name?

A - I've told many a tall tale while answering this one because it's not too incredibly interesting, really. From a taboo relationship with my art teacher, to claiming I'm just an avid painter. The truth was simply three words I stumbled upon in one of my lyric journals.

Q - How would you describe your band’s sound?

A - Music for people who enjoy music.

Q - Tell us a little bit about your new album "Realities"?

A - Well, it's actually an EP. The 2nd installment (the 1st being “Abnormalities”) is a ramp up to our upcoming full length.

Q - How was the recording process different on "Realities" than it was on "No Really, I'm Fine"?

A - We worked with a new producer, Mike Green, who was really great at bringing out a new musical side of us. Together we pushed ourselves outside of comfort zones and truly embraced the concept of change in our music. But then again, we attempt such things every record.

Q - Tell us a little bit about the writing process? Do you have one designated writer or do you guys write as a band?

A - I pen the lyrics and get a rough structure/feel, and then we all flesh it out from there. But this time was actually quite different as we had been writing for over a year in preparation. Which was substantially more than the mere several months we had allotted for previous records. I also broke my co-writing cherry with several trips to California where I had the fortunate opportunity to work with some amazing songwriters. I'd never experienced it quite like that with another artist and I found immense growth in it.

Q - Are there any upcoming tour plans?

A - Yep, extra excited too. We hit the road April 21st on a US headlining run. Supporting will be Tyler Hilton, AM Taxi, and The New Politics.

Q - Who were your musical inspirations?

A - So many to choose from, but I'll limit to top 5. They were and still are: Saves the Day, Van Morrison, Jimmy Eat World, Bon Iver, and Eminem.

Q - What are you listening to right now?

A - Artist: Killswitch Engage, Song: Breath Life

Q - Are there any bands or artists that your fans would be surprised to know you like (any guilty pleasures)?

A - I love all music regardless of genre and I haven't an ounce of guilt in that fact. From Eminem to Garth Brooks to Unearth to the Pussycat Dolls.

Q - Anything else you wanted to add?

A - Thank you to any and everyone who loves and supports music and its creators, the universal language is imperative to our survival.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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