"Meet my new trainer Bob."

Summer is coming. Time to pick my butt up from laying on my thighs and start working out again.

But how do I get motivated?

I was going to get a trainer but I can't afford one.

I was going to get a work-out buddy but everyone I asked said they were too lazy, too tired or too defeated.

I was going to get a walking partner but then I'd have to strap my three year old into a stroller and hear him complain that he's tired, hungry or bored (everything I would be) the whole time.

Then I was walking by a coffee place and this book shouted at me to come look at it. I was smitten. Each and every page is filled with descriptive, detailed photos and inspiring information that a trainer would be saying (if they talked that much).

But... I found my trainer! Every day I carry him ( I call him "Bob") with me to the gym. I set "Bob" down for my twenty minutes of cardio. Then I open him to the page of the body part/s I want to work on....and I do whatever he tells me to do.

Downside: I have to read (sometimes upside down or sideways).
Upside: Someone else is telling me what to do!

Most people carry magazines into the gym. I carry "Bob." Yes, I may look like a goon to some, but "Bob" gives me a way better work out than I could ever give myself. And it's working. I'm already 'happy-sore' and feeling better.

So if you're like me, ready to battle back to the bikini on your own, "Bob" is waiting for you! Or look for the lady carrying a book and we'll do "Bob" together.


Laurie McDermott is a motivational speaker and award-winning columnist who created “The CEO of the House,” a live hysterical stand-up show that moves audiences from belly laughs to moments of tears. Credits include television shows, commercials, as well as the new shows “The Bookie Mom,” “Living With Jackie,” Lifetime’s “Mom Comics,” and radio show at Classic Hits 97FM. To book Laurie to headline or host your next event, benefit or conference email her at laurie@lauriemcdermott.com or call 310-374-7777. Visit her at: www.lauriemcdermott.com.

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