"LOST: Recap – 'The Last Recruit.'"

I'd like to begin my LOST recap today by warning you that I am feeling a little lost myself lately. By that I mean I'm worried about where all this is going. Can the next 4 hours of LOST really wrap everything up? I feel like so much content to this show is NEW this season that it makes me feel like seasons 1-5 were almost pointless. Maybe I'm the only person feeling this way but I am definitely worried. Don't get me wrong I'm still a die-hard LOST fan but I'm feeling worried about the direction things are going. So consider yourself warned and let's get on with the recap!

At the beginning of "The Last Recruit" Jack and Flocke go off and have a little chat. When Flocke tells Jack "This may be hard for you to believe Jack but all I've ever been interested in is helping you," Jack asks "help me to do what?" and Flocke replies "Leave. But because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this island before you even got here." I'd like to call bull shit on that one! All Flocke has ever been interested in is how he can USE people to get himself off the island! It seems like every time Flocke has one of these little fire-side chats with a person he spews all this crap that deep down that person WANTS to hear. When Flocke was talking to Kate he pulled the "crazy mother" card and yet Flocke turns around a few episodes later and tells Claire she can feel free to kill Kate as soon as he's done with her. I think Flocke is a master manipulator and I hope he gets caught at it.

A huge red flag proving Flocke's a liar was last night when he told Jack he was in fact walking around as his dad when they first crashed on the island. Again I call bull shit! And let me list all the reasons why... when Jack was in his office back in season 4 and he saw his dad in the waiting room Christian Shepherd said "You can't raise him." At the time we thought he was talking about Aaron but turns out he was talking about Fake Locke. He meant don't take Locke's dead body back to the island and raise the MIB from the dead. If Flocke was Christian he would WANT Jack to raise him from the dead - or WHATEVER you want to call it. Also Christian has been seen all sorts of places that Flocke can't go. I do think that Flocke became a few people on the island - Eko's brother Yemi is one. Also, I think Flocke became Alex last season when Ben went down in that hole to be "judged" and she told him to do whatever Flocke told him to do. But Christian? No I think that was a lie.

Off island was a little spastic last night. I thought it was interesting that it wasn't a specific cast member who got all the sideways time but it was also a little hard to follow. Things are feeling so condensed to me now which is part of what I mean when I say I am feeling lost lately. Everything is so rushed! But when Sawyer and Kate were in the police station talking about their run-in after the Sydney flight something specific caught my eye... the apple. I started to think of Adam and Eve big time. Are Kate and Sawyer supposed to be Adam and Eve? In the bible God tells Adam and Eve they can eat from any tree except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil "for on the day you eat of it you shall surely die." Another tidbit pointing towards the island equalling death. But WTF do I know?

So when Zoe came into camp and told Flocke they wanted him to return what he took I was like "yeah four eyes, good luck!" I knew Flocke was going to smash the walky-talky. Of course he's not going to return Desmond. That was kind of a waste of all our time last night. That scene was stupid. We get it, Flocke wants to kill Desmond, so of course he's not going to return Desmond and walky-talky back to Widmore's people "okay, I'll stop being a douche now." Please! Let's just get on with it!!

The off island Claire and Desmond bit was so far fetched I couldn't believe it. First I'm supposed to believe that Claire would be persuaded by a stranger to see his lawyer, who he just happened to have an appointment with? Then Claire goes in and Ilana is a lawyer and says "We've been looking for you." Turns out that Jack's family and lawyer have been searching for Claire, who lives in Australia, yet she just strolls into the right law office on a whim with some Scottish dude who wanted to originally help her with her adoption? Yep. I'm lost. You lost me on that one LOST. Maybe I'm just a fool who doesn't have the brain power to grasp the bigger picture here but this feels like a load of poop someone just slopped on a table in front of me. I'm not touching that 'brotha'!!

From this point forward in the episode the pace quickened. Sawyer started working his little plan to escape Flocke and get to the sub. I also noted that the music started to remind me of Star Wars, which annoys the crap out of me! Even Hurley made a Star Wars reference later regarding the "dark side." PS: Anakin didn't come back from the dark side did he? Doesn't he become Darth Vader for Christ’s sake?

Anyway, Flocke sends Sayid to the well to kill Desmond and I think we can all agree he didn't. I think Desmond did a pretty great job at convincing Sayid not to kill him. Especially when he asks what Sayid plans on telling his lost love when she asks what he did to see her again. This all coincided with Sawyer arresting Sayid in the sideways world. Great use of a garden hose. And seeing Miles in this off island flash-sideways made me wonder "what happened to Miles, Ben and Richard?"

When Sawyer and Kate were swimming out to the Elizabeth I thought to myself "wouldn't it suck if that Dharma shark attacked and ate them right now?" Alas they made it to the boat safely. My guess is that Flocke wanted Sawyer to go get the boat for him because Flocke can't swim. We know he can take boats to Hydra Island but he told Sawyer he couldn't be "smokey" over water.

Eventually everyone gets together on the boat: Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Lapidus and Sun. Jack tells Sawyer that leaving the island "Doesn't feel right." And it's true that Sawyer wouldn't know what that feels like. Sawyer never did leave the island, he was one of the people stuck time-traveling. I really liked the point Jack made when he said to Sawyer "If that thing wants us to leave maybe it's afraid of what would happen if we stayed." Indeed. I think doing the opposite of what Flocke wants might be a good idea! I wasn't upset when Jack jumped ship and swam back. That is an example of LOST-plot that I can follow.

In the last few minutes Jack notices he's about to operate (off island) on someone familiar (John Locke). On island Jack gets back to the beach just in time to see Flocke standing there. Sawyer and crew end up on the beach at Hydra Island only to get guns in their faces by four eyes queen Zoe. In the most un-climactic reunion in the history of reunions Sun and Jin reunite to less fan fair than a Tea Light party. Seriously, that frustrates the crap out of me! We've been waiting forever to see them reunite and it was like "Hey, there you are! Don't do that again buster!" Then bombs start falling on the main island where Jack gets flung around like a rag doll. Flocke carries Jack to safety to say "Don't worry. It's going to be okay. You're with me now." Well that really isn't a good thing pal! You're kind of a lunatic!!

Next week is a hiatus week for LOST. It's a good thing they take some time off because we really don't need anymore answers piled on top of the huge amount of answers we've already gotten. Maybe when they come back from their two week hiatus they can stop answering so many questions! SARCASM!!! I think we should use this opportunity to take the next two weeks to clear our minds and beat ourselves in the face with 2x4s. Because that might feel about as good as the last few episodes of LOST have.


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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Charles Widmore is willing to kill Sawyer et al because he knows that Flocke needs them to get off the island. I guess Richard will have to save them.


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