"'Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!' action adventure game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad launches on app store."

Two-time Grammy winning rock band Linkin Park, game developer Artificial Life, Inc. and Warner Bros. Records announced the launch of the “Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!” app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Created by Linkin Park and Artificial Life, Inc., the “Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!” app is a heightened app experience for music fans and gamers alike with multiplayer features.

In the “Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!” app players embark on an epic adventure taking them through six unique districts in the game, each featuring the distinctive style of a band member. The master goal is to retrieve the band’s stolen music track – “Blackbirds,” a brand new, unreleased Linkin Park song made exclusively for the game. The song is unlocked upon completion of all missions inside the game.

Production on the “Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!” app began more than a year ago, with the band (vocalists Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, drummer Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, DJ Joe Hahn and bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell) working closely with Artificial Life, Inc. on every aspect of the game: storylines, gameplay, character design and of course, music. Mike Shinoda designed the band members’ avatars and edited every line of dialogue, making this much more than just a simple rhythm game.

Among the game’s endless highlights are original and 8-bit remixes of Linkin Park tracks including “New Divide,” “One Step Closer,” “In The End,” “Crawling,” “QWERTY,” “Hands Held High,” “Faint,” and “No More Sorrow.” This marks the first time that Linkin Park’s music has been reinterpreted using old-school video game sounds. The game, which also includes original artwork by the band, opens with “One Step Closer” sounding like it was coming out of a first-generation NES.

“As opposed to putting together an app featuring just our songs and name, we wanted to make this an exciting gaming and music experience and the folks at Artificial Life shared that vision,” says Shinoda. “They were able to turn my sketches and our creative ideas in to a living, breathing world that we think gamers and fans will thoroughly enjoy.”

For more details about “Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion!” visit: www.botme.com/linkinpark

The game’s trailer can be seen here: linkinpark.com/video/linkin-park-8bit-rebellion


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