"It's Alive's name comes from a dream and not the movie." - Interview

I love writing for this website. It allows me to discover new music I may not have discovered via the radio or MTV. One example of this is the band It’s Alive. The crazy thing is that I’ve only heard one of their songs, “Pieces.” It’s a great song, I love it. I also love the band’s name. It’s Alive is such a popular phrase and title it’s amazing that it hasn’t been used as a band name before. I had the chance to talk with the singer Zach Webb from It’s Alive and here’s what he said.

Q - How long has the band been together and how did it form?

A - Eddie and I have been playing together since we were 15. We decided to start It’s Alive (IA) about 2 years ago with our one of our best friends Juice. After about a year of writing, and demoing we brought Clay in on guitar. We got really lucky how seamlessly it formed. No member changes, No chance of it ever happening.

Q - Who came up with the name? Is it inspired by the 1974 movie at all?

A - Actually, no (laughs). We get a lot of questions asking if it has anything to do with horror films. It was a dream I had the night before we went into the studio to do our demos. I walked in and the screen said "It's Alive: Session 1." I woke up immediately and called Eddie and he was really into the idea. It's dark and ominous but still positive. Represents being here, and now, and vital. Something we never take for granted.

Q - How would you describe the band’s sound?

A - The most important factor to our music is the soul. There's a certain amount of power behind every song that's so crucial to our sound. Lush walls of sound design, rock tones, and great groove. If you can't feel it, we aren't doing are job right.

Q - Tell us a little bit about your debut album “Human Resources?”

A – Well, we went into this record with a completely open mind. Each one of us had a vision of what we wanted our instruments to sound like. We kept a solid formula for song writing and just worked in between those guidelines we gave ourselves. It worked out great. We did 3 of the tracks with David Bendeth in New Jersey, which was an amazing experience for all 4 of us. He really taught us a lot about our band. We then came back to NYC to record the rest of the record at QUAD Studios in Times Square which was so inspiring every day. We'd go up to the top of the QUAD building and just take in the city. Never ran out of inspiration out there. You just couldn't. But living in that city toughened us up quick. I feel the record really came out more aggressive then we intended going into it simply because the city made us hard. I'm not complaining, hahaha. I think it's great. We probably needed it.

Q - Do you have a favorite song on the album?

A - Ahhhh! That's like asking a parent who their favorite kid is! Man, I don't know. That's tough. I'm really emotionally attached to “Selfless.” It's the only love song on the record. It just really hits home. I'll have to go with that one. Now I feel guilty...

Q - What is the writing process like? Does the band just get in a room and jam until a song forms, or are there designated song writers?

A - Our process is a lot different than other bands of our genre. Eddie and I will write them on our laptops. Since there is so much sound design in our music, it usually starts with a key lead or a thick pad sound. We map it out, choose our structure, and finish it all. Pass it to Juice, and Clay to put their frosting on it. And the first time we play it as a full band, the songs already done and half way produced. The funny part about this record is we had never played these songs as a band before we played them in the studio. We literally performed them for the first time in the studio. It's a risky process but it's really what it takes when the vision is so specific.

Q - Are there any upcoming tour plans?

A - As of now we are looking to jump on a tour this spring. We are just solidifying the groups we are going to do the dates with. Really, really exciting to be able to have the opportunity to potentially play with bands you grew up looking up to. It's a super exciting time for us.

Q - If you could go on tour with any act who would it be and why?

A - Honestly, at this point anyone that would just love to have a good time playing music and showing the ropes to some new comers. We're the rookies right now. We're so new to this whole realm. We just want to get out there and give it all we got, anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Q - What's your most embarrassing on stage moment?

A - I am absolutely notorious for forgetting the lyrics. I don't know why. I get so excited when we play, I'm fully in the zone and don't think about anything and always just forget where I'm at with the song. There is a video out there somewhere of us performing “The Bottom,” and you can hear the crowd singing the right words and me singing the TOTALLY wrong verse of the song. (Laughs). Man, I don't know. I guess I'm just feelin' it too much to pay attention to words.

Q – Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, care to add anything else?

A - Maybe just a little bit of sugar.

Check out the new single “Pieces” as well as the band at www.myspace.com/itsalive and www.itsalive.com.

It’s Alive is:

Zach Webb: vocals/lyrics
Clay Haywood: guitars
Juice Dean: bass
Eddie Matta: drums


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