"If Obama weren't President, Jon Stewart would be."

Jon Stewart has to be the best non-politician on television today. I say non-politician because he knows a lot about what’s going on and has clever and carefully plotted out resolutions on subjects that matter to Americans.

Even though he is a comedian by trade, he cares about what’s going on in the world. Stewart’s show, “The Daily Show,” on Comedy Central, is a sum up of what Stewart stands for – smart, funny and informative stories about what’s important in the world.

Stewart takes shots continually at Fox News and its correspondents, not because he is favoring one party, although “The Daily Show’s” stories seem to lean more toward the left, but rather Fox News is objective toward the Republicans but subjective, and often time hypocritical, toward the Democrats.

It’s almost as if the right sided conservatives are so bitter about their lives because their best hope for a comeback lies with a crazy, inexperienced, nut job, former governor of Alaska who has no business speaking about anything. They take shots at the President for problems in the country that he inherited from one of their own crazies – George Dubya Bush.

Single handedly Jon Stewart is influencing the country because he takes the time to do the work, while making it informative and entertaining. It’s time to take stock of this non-politician and hopefully persuade him into taking the route as his fellow colleague Al Franken, and this is running for office.

I would vote for Jon Stewart. What do you say? Jon Stewart/Tina Fey in 2016?


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

Forget it. Jon Stewart has hinted in the past that he has no desire to run for office. He says he would make a lousy politician. Be thankful hes doing his best as a fake news journalist and not as a real elected official.

Anonymous said...

Stewart would be the bestpresident that never was and G.W.Bush is the best comedian that never was.

Unknown said...

god god- jon stewart is a fraud...fake name comedian doling out fake news and you obama zombies are buying it hook line and sinker! he'll bring the country down as long as people keep buying his bullshit!

Anonymous said...

How is he fake-named? His name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. Im confused.


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