"Here Come The Mummies is one of the most original, yet fun bands to walk the Earth."

I stumbled across this band when I was listening to Bob & Tom in the morning. The song they were playing live in the studio blew me away. It wasn’t because the song sounded like a recording; rather it was because all the members were dressed up in full blown mummy costumes.

Q – First off, how long have the Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) been together?

A - HCTM has been playing together for 1000's of years, though not always in the current style. What has been consistent is that we have always played dance music. All HCTM has ever cared about is making ladies dance, because it puts them in the mood.

Q – How did this fantastically awesome idea come about?

A - As can be read on HereComeTheMummies.com, the band are not mummies by concept, but by curse. Consequently, the boys do not wear costumes. We are 3000 year old mummies, and wrapped as such. The wraps have been updated throughout time, and have been points of disaster, as when ladies pull on them and cause the loss of appendage.

Q – For those who don’t know anything about the band, Here Come The Mummies dresses up in full mummy attire. Does this ever not end well for you guys during a long, sweaty show? Any of the mummies ever have a serious case of mummy B.O. or pit stains?

A - There is never a time when Here Come The Mummies does not have major B.O. problems. We stink.

Q – How would you describe your music?

A - The music style is ‘Terrifying Funk From Beyond the Grave,’ which is also our first recording. Fans have sent in other “genres” such as funktastic or groovalicous, but HCTM contends that we just play happy, booty shaking music.

Q – Not only do you guys dress up in novelty-like costumes, the band is really good at what they do. How were you able to assemble a band that, not only was a good sport about being a mummy, but also was filled with musicians with great talent?

A - We get asked a lot about the high talent level. It comes from thousands of years of practice. That said, we do feel fortunate to still be playing together.

Q – What does Here Come The Mummies dress up as on Halloween?

A - For the most part, HCTM does not dress up for Halloween. The added costumery does not allow for sufficient breathing.

Q – “Dirty Minds” was featured in the movie, “Fired Up!” How did this come about?

A - We have no idea how our music ends up in movies or TV. There are business people that pimp our stuff, and we consider their operations to be borderline sorcery. “Fired Up” brought us a few fans... for real.

Q – I haven’t seen this movie, nor do I really plan on seeing it. Did being in this movie help or hurt the Mummies?

A - The first time mummies appeared in popular media playing music was in “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy,” but we are proof that mummies have been laying it down millennia prior.

Q – Is there anything else the Mummies want to let readers know?

A - Things you should know: you can find out more and get your mitts on goodies at HereComeTheMummies.com. The boys like ladies and food above all else, and our collective favorite color is pink.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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