"Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt and Rihanna rock 'American Idol' and nobody goes home."

The big news this week, Tim Urban didn’t even make the bottom three. Actually the real shocker was Big Mike getting the least amount of votes. It wasn’t really a shocker, because Ryan started off the show by saying there was going to be a shocking elimination. The judges, however, saved Big Mike, meaning that next week we’ll be losing two contestants, so be sure to pray hard for Tim Urban’s survival next week, or you can just vote for him.

The performers this week were David Archuleta, Rihanna (featuring guitar God Nuno Bettencourt) and Jason Derulo. Jason Derulo was discovered by AI judge Kara Dioguardi. I found his performance terribly unoriginal. The last few weeks we’ve watched Usher and Diddy give amazing performances (not my cup of tea, but I can recognize a good performance). Derulo just looked like a Michael Jackson rip off. He was making noises like MJ would do in between the lines of his songs (kept saying “cha” in between the lines, I was waiting for “Sha Moe!”).

It almost looked like he did the moon walk (I couldn’t really tell because the camera didn’t show his legs). Midway through the song Derulo pulled his ear piece out, which leads me to believe he was having problems hearing himself. (Check out an article about Jason we did here: "Jason Derulo: The music scene's new Rickey Henderson.") The sound must have been off because he just didn’t sound right. Maybe it was just my TV, but all in all I wasn’t real impressed (but who am I?).

David Archuleta came back to sing the song that made him famous, “Imagine” by John Lennon. Early on in his season of “American Idol” Archuleta became the instant front runner with his performance of “Imagine;” he didn’t really do anything after that, but that performance got him all the way to the final two where he lost to David Cook. His performance tonight was fine, but nowhere near as good as it was when he was a contestant.

Finally, one of my guitar heroes got to perform - Nuno Bettencourt. Only it wasn’t with his band Extreme, but rather with Rihanna. I’m not going to complain, he did get to deliver a pretty tasty solo near the end of Rihanna’s song “Rockstar 101.” Just before the solo, Nuno, Rihanna and the other guitar player went behind the judges table where Rihanna picked up a flying V guitar and pretended to play, while Nuno was ripping into his solo. It was cute. Unfortunately, that took away camera time from Nuno, but I must admit he got a lot more camera time than I expected.

Next week Adam Lambert will be the “Idols” mentor; I wonder what the genre is going to be. Ryan said it’s going to be a surprise, so I’m kind of looking forward to that. Stay tuned next week when two people will be getting the boot. Remember to vote for Tim Urban to keep him in the competition.


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Anonymous said...

Rihanna wasn't pretending to play guitar, she was playing a custom Washburn, designed by the man himself, Mr Nuno Bettencourt. It was a meaty solo from him but you're right, it'd be great to see him touring with Extreme again! :)

Anonymous said...

where the heck have you been - david archuleta has sold close to 900k in cd's, has a 2 million selling smash hit in 'crush', headlined 2 tours, opened for demi lovato in an arena tour last summer, played to a crowd of over 100k in manila w/david cook last may, won the alma award for 'rising male star', which was broadcast on abc - he's been everywhere. how credible can anything you write be when you prove yourself to be so woefully ignorant of basic facts. facts that could have been resolved by doing that little thing credible journalists do, called research. google is your friend. this piece is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

She was holding a custom Washburn designed by Nuno, but she was hardly playing it. He may have it one strings one or two times, that's about it.

Bob Zerull said...

Sorry Anonymous number two, what I meant was he didn't really do anything on the show after he sang "Imagine." I'm aware that Archuleta is successful, my comments were strictly related to "American Idol," because he had some pretty crappy weeks after he sang "Imagine," but was given a free pass it seemed.

Violet said...

You sound like maybe you're a Cook fan. David Archuleta had many other great performances in 2008 after Imagine including Angels, Smokey Mountain Memories, When You Believe, Long and Winding Road, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (finale). All of those got raves from the judges. And his reprise of Imagine this week, which he was asked to do by Simon Fuller, got nice reviews everywhere from CNN and MSNBC to Rolling Stone to the major celeb sites like EW, E!Online, and others. I thought his performance was beautiful and moving.