"Every thing comedian Laurie McDermott says is 100% true." - Interview

Whenever I interview comedians I always ask them to tell me what their act is about. In one sentence, just describe it for me so I have an idea of what you’re like on stage. Usually, I get this weird sentence, filled with adjectives as if he or she is thinking really quick on his or her feet. When I asked Laurie McDermott, comedian, writer and family woman, she said one word – “Funny.” And that was when I realized she was a great comedian.

Q – Why did you decide to become a comedian?

A - I was forced by gun. Comedy is my life. “Do what you love and money will come”…sometimes full-on, sometimes a teeny trickle but it’s coming.

Q – Stand-up comedy seems to get no love from the entertainment industry, yet, comedians are the ones doing a lot of the writing. When will comedians get the respect they deserve and why do you think it’s this way?

A - Comedians get respect when they make someone else rich. Then everyone else wants to climb on-board! Comics looking for respect from an industry that can give it is like having a one-night-stand and wondering “why don’t they love me?” You are only as good as your last show and even when you are amazing, the industry is still looking away to the next guy. So keep your chin up, give 110 % at every show and even though you may not feel YOU are getting it, make sure you give it. Treat everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE (even the new waitress) with respect and kindness…I promise it will come back to you from someone.

Q – Aside from stand-up, you do a lot of writing and acting. Is there one venue over the other that you like better and why?

A - I just feel so blessed and lucky to have a career doing both. So no, if I had to choose one, I’d still be doing them both. Cause at any moment, something hilarious could happen and I am forced to write it down and put it in my column or my act!

Q – You’re married and have kids. First of all, how does your family feel about ‘mom’ being on the road a lot?

A - My family loves me on the road. Like I get sick of them, they get sick of me. When we’re together again, it’s love all over. But most of the time, I TAKE my kids on the road with me. Crazy? Ha. Maybe. Being a comic, I’m ½ way there! But each and every city has an array of cool interesting, educational stuff to see for kids. They love this part of traveling with me. (Staying in at night with the hooker I hired to watch them is the crappy part) While traveling on the road, we spend our days on, what I call ‘Adventures’ and together we have blast exploring. Even if we find an ant hill. So cool.

Q – How do you balance your time between mother, wife and comedian?

A - I can’t. It’s impossible. Anyone that says that they can, is either lying or delusional. You know those guru’s that say, “Live in the moment.” That’s me. That’s all I can do. I’m here. It’s now. Let’s do it! And while we’re doing it, let’s make sure we have a great time!

Q – Your “CEO of the House” is your humor column that is now a book. How did the column begin and what are the things that you talk about?

A - I opened a magazine when I was pregnant and said, “Hmmm…I should write for this magazine.” I picked up the phone, made a few calls, got a few meetings and voila, I had a column that has lasted 11 years. It’s now syndicated in a few cities and I get corporate gigs from it. I loathe comics that complain, “It’s hard….” Yes. It is. Everything is hard. But if you want to do it, suck it up and go after it! Or someone else will. Hmm…I write about anything that’s bugged me lately, cause chances are 20,000 more people are bugged by it too…and that why they’ve let me write it for so long.

Q – What type of role or input does your family have in your projects?

A - Everything. My life is a comedy. If you hear my act live, everything in it is 100% true. That’s why people like it so much. Audiences can see bull, but when it’s real, when it’s true, it’s golden.

Q – What new projects are you working on?

A - Can’t tell! One for the travel channel and one that’s top secret. I did meet with CBS last Thursday for a new show they want me for. We’ll see. Throw enough seeds in the yard, something will grow super tall. But if you have any good connections to big man upstairs, as well, extra prayers never hurt!


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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