"Comedienne Julia Morris' 'Lady' title was purchased from the Internet." – Interview

Lady Julia Morris, the first Lady of comedy, works as little as possible. Of course when she does get on stage, it’s downright hilarious. She recently took time out of her shopping and tanning schedule to humor us.

Q - You've had some pretty good success in the UK and Australia. What has your experience in America been like?

A - I have been in retail heaven. So far there has been no time to actually work, only shop.

Q - How did you get your start?

A - It was 20 years ago and I can’t remember the exact details but I know it involved a microphone and a goat but that is all I am at liberty to say.

Q - Who are some of your major influences?

A - Margaritas. Well, I can not turn my back on how Gin has influenced me too.

Q - You recently did an audition for the team at Jay Leno at "Comedy & Magic." What was that for and can you tell us a little bit about that?

A - That’s kind of private, but what I will say is that behind closed doors, Mr. Leno loves my magic. As a kind of homage to David Blaine, Jay and I like to freeze ourselves in big ice sculptures of vintage cars and then the magic changes the ice into water. It’s very spiritual.

Q - Americans are often amazed at how actors from other countries such as Russell Crowe or Hugh Laurie are able to perfect the American accent. How's your American accent?

A - My American accent is terrific and so is my British accent. Whenever I want to complain about something I always do it in an English accent. British abuse is so polite. You don’t even know you are being insulted by an English person and then you look down and there is poop on your shoes and you think ‘How did that get there?’ You don’t even know it’s happening.

Q - What are working on while in the US?

A - This week I have been working on my tan. It is still a bit streaky but I have to stop putting the tanning cream on after 11 PM, otherwise I wake up like a Licorice Allsort

Q - You have a book out called "Don't You Know Who I Used to Be?" What was the motivation behind the book?

A – Money, the main motivation was the book advance.

Q - Are you currently performing any live shows or touring?

A - I try to work as little as possible but every now and then I will slip onto the stage at the Improv on Melrose or at the Comedy and Magic Club at Hermosa Beach. I’m mad for Hermosa.

Q - How did you gain your "Lady" title?

A - My husband bought it on the Internet. It is legally binding, so it is on all of my documents. Basically you can buy a tiny little plot of titled land; therefore making you ‘landed gentry.’ It is hilarious and very handy for upgrades.

Q - I noticed that you're on Twitter. What do you think of the formats such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. and how do you think they help with your career?

A - I missed the Facebook craze. I think I was out partying that week so I needed a network that could come out with me - enter Twitter. I think one of my first tweets was how sad it is to have to say goodbye to champagne as the glass drains. I think to myself “I’m really going to miss you.”


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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