"Comedian Mike DeStefano did Conan O'Brien's show and his mother didn't even see it." - Interview

Mike DeStefano’s new comedy special airs tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30PM EST. Unlike most comedians that travel 40 weeks per year, DeStefano sticks around his home in New York City, in which he has built his career the last 10 years. Before his special airs, find out more about the New York based comedian.

Q – Real quick, how did you get started in stand-up comedy?

A - I was in rehab for the third time and I was telling the group about my recent crack smoking activities and they were laughing and I said "Wow, I'm not crazy, I'm a comedian."

Q – Which comedians did you grow up watching and what about them did you like?

A - Carlin, Pryor, Murphy.

Q – I grew up watching stand-up comedy and have interviewed 100 plus comedians. I don’t know that much about you. Describe your act for those who have yet to discover you.

A - I start out with something painful that I've experienced and hope it gets funny.

Q – Do you think there is an oversaturation of stand-up comics when years ago it seemed there were only a select few?

A - There are just way too many venues for comics to be seen on now so maybe that gives the impression that it's easy to do. Someone can make a goofy video with a midget juggling newborn babies and next week they’re headlining comedy clubs. It really degrades the art.

Q – Comedians always wanted to get on “The Tonight Show.” I heard that if you did “Tonight” it was like doing The Comedy Store 100,000 times in terms of visibility. With all of the venues, late night programs and the Internet, do you feel that relates to comedians today?

A - I did Conan; my mother didn't even see it.

Q – Your new special will air on Comedy Central on April 23rd. You’ve done numerous TV spots such as Showtime and Conan O’Brien. When you have a special on Comedy Central, what goes through your mind in terms of what you’re hoping to get out of it?

A - I honestly don't think about "getting" anything out of it. It doesn't seem to work that way. It takes a lot of repeated exposure for people to know who you are. It’s a long process.

Q – Is this special going to be the best of your act or is it primarily the set you do on the road?

A - I don't have separate sets for the road or TV; I just choose the material based on the situation. For “Comedy Central Presents” I wanted to let people know who I am and what I think.

For more information on Mike DeStefano, visit him on the web at: www.puppiesandheroin.com.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

We watched Mike DeStefano last night and laughed SOOOOOO much! It was the best date night I had with my partner in many years. Thanks Mike! You are HILLLLarious!!!!

Recovery Comedy said...

Great Job Mike! See more of Mike on Recovery Comedy!


Anonymous said...

This Guy Mike Destefano
Is Goin` To Take Over Where Sam Kinison & George Carlin Left Off..!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Guy Mike Destefano
Is Goin` To Take Over Where Sam Kinison & George Carlin Left Off..!!!!!!!!!!