"Adam Lambert is back on 'American Idol.' And Kara Dioguardi poses nude for 'Allure.'"

I forgot how much I love Adam Lambert. I haven’t heard much of his music since “American Idol” which is a shame. Lambert came around 25 to 35 years too late. If Lambert came out in the late sixties or early seventies he’d be a legend. You have David Bowie, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler etc etc and Lambert would have fit right in.

Those guys are legends, unfortunately with the state of the music industry, I don’t know if they’re making legends anymore. I’m not saying the music is bad; there is a lot of great music out there, but it is just not getting the attention it used to. If there is anybody that can get to that legendary status in this generation it’s Adam Lambert…and probably Lady Gaga.

What did I learn on “American Idol” tonight? For one, Adam Lambert is better with his tongue than Ryan Seacrest. Two, Tim Urban is no longer the worst; in fact he was the best tonight. Finally, Adam Lambert is probably the best mentor they’ve had. He may not be the biggest name they’ve had, but he gave the best advice. All of the vocals were solid, a couple of performances were lacking, but for the most part it was a solid night.

Tim Urban did “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and gave one of those goose bump performances that can make a contestant. He still got a little disrespect from Simon. While critiquing Andrew Garcia I think he was telling Andrew why his performance was worse than Crystal’s and Lee’s, then he added, “even Tim’s” as if surprisingly Andrew did worse than Tim. Tim has had three really good performances and a bunch of average to solid performances. He has yet to truly be terrible even though the judges have treated him like he has been.

(Kara Dioguardi - Photo courtesy of “Allure.”)

On the other hand, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia have been truly terrible on multiple occasions yet keep getting half the tongue lashing that Urban would get. Now that Urban has gone from “zero to hero” as Simon Cowell said, we should see him around for awhile (I hope). Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia were the worst tonight, but both sang well. Both should be going home this week, but I suppose it is possible that Katie could slip into one of the two eliminated this week. Actually it’s possible that anyone could go, but you know what I’m saying.

In other “Idol” news, Kara Dioguardi has participated in “Allure” magazines annual “Naked Truth” photo shoot. I can’t stand Kara. She has a great singing voice, but never made it as a pop star. Often times she gives out inaccurate advice and I find it kind of irritating. Last season all she did was repeat what Randy said. This season she seems like she wants to be Simon and she’s not. Back to Kara’s nude photo, she did provide the good people at “Allure” with a hilarious quote, “This shoot was less about beauty than about taking a risk and showing people a side of me they never have seen.” Why is this hilarious you ask? This is pretty much the only advice Kara is capable of giving to the contestants. Since she has never been able to show a different side of her as a pop star, she had to get naked and show a side we didn’t want to see.

In the caption she talks about how she used to have a weight problem due to binge eating and dealing with depression. She got all the way up to a size 6 or 8. What the hell is wrong with Hollywood? That’s not fat. She’s now a size two and looks too skinny. She’d probably look better as a size 6 or so. Sorry, I just had to vent, because I don’t care for Kara.


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Anonymous said...

The only allure I can think of is Adam Lambert's... good lord that dude's got "IT". But in relation to Kara - I just wanna take this opportunity to say that I think she's great on Idol (and not just this year, I thought she was spot on last year too). Thanks for the positive and well deserved comments here on Lambert. One doesn't have to love the whole Lambert package to appreciate and fairly recognize so many fine attributes he possesses. His "Remixes" EP is HOT folks - you should get it!! Very worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

Adam's current single is doing very well and is being played on Top40 and HAC stations. His single for the summer will be out in a few weeks according to his recent interviews. Adam gave 100% to being a mentor to the AI9 idols, and he was constructive as well as kind and charming. His talent is remarkable. He has worked hard over the last few months and not only deserves his current success, but deserves to be a star on the world stage.

Nina said...

Adam's EPIC Whole Lotta Love at Fantasy Springs is all you need to see to know the man is most definitely on the road to Legend status:

I've seen four of his solo concerts now, and as terrific as his album is (each song worthy of repeated play), seeing him change up the arrangements at every concert is just mind blowing. He is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Kara looks like a naked 17 year old boy in that photo.

Anonymous said...

Karen: Can the people from ALLURE mag pls contact ADAM's people - a nude shoot of him is what we really really want!!

Dana Martin said...


Winston said...

Bob-I second Nina! If you've missed Adam's music, and want to see genius in action, check out Whole Lotta Love from his concert in Indio.

I'm a fan for life, and if you're not following him(YouTube is our friend!), you're missing out on something special.