"Rock chick Becca is 'Alive.'"

Becca is a full blown rock chick. If you’ve never heard of Becca, think P!nk or Avril Lavigne meeting “Jagged Little Pill” era Alanis Morissette. Like the three ladies mentioned above, Becca is a rock/pop act, but the difference between her and the other ladies is the emphasis on the rock. Becca has a special place in my heart; one because she actually took the time to talk to me, but two because she mentioned a couple of bands that are very near and dear to my heart - Aerosmith and Kill Switch Engage.

Q - How was SXSW?

A – It was really fun. It was very crazy out there. Have you ever been out to Austin?

Q – No I haven’t.

A – They have just a huge street and there’s just bar after bar, car after car, bands all playing at the same time. There are thousands of people walking up and down, it’s crazy.

Q – How many shows did you play?

A – I played three shows out there. I played Antone’s at the Belmont and the Rusty Spurs.

Q - I was browsing your website and I noticed this Becca Web Game. Can you tell us what that is?

A – What we do is we make links to different videos that ask you different questions. If you answer those questions correctly you get to continue on with the game. These questions are about my life and career, basically all about Becca. You are able to win prizes if you get to certain levels, like a skateboard, posters. The all time prize is I get to come play at your school or play somewhere around your town.

Q – Cool. Tell me a little bit about your new album “Alive.” How would you describe it?

A – I like to describe it as rock/pop because it’s definitely mainstream music, but it is very rock influenced. It has a lot of 80’s influences. The songs are written about my life and things I’ve gone through with being a teenager to now and traveling over to Japan and things like that.

Q – What are some of your favorite songs on the album?

A – I really like “Make You Mad.” It’s probably my favorite song on the album because it shows a side of me that’s uncensored. I think it describes how a lot of people feel after a break up. What I’m basically saying is that when you break up with somebody and they seem to be fine but you’re suffering. You can’t understand how they can be ok when you’re not, so you want them to suffer and bring them down to your level. It’s kind of like a revenge song. It’s always fun to sing.

Q – What’s your favorite song to sing live?

A – Either “Make You Mad” or “Shibuya.” The reason I say “Shibuya” is because it’s one of the only songs that I don’t play guitar on and just jump around and dance, because it’s that kind of song.

Q – How do you write your songs? Do you start with lyrics first or do you start with music, what’s the process like for you?

A – It’s actually different a lot of the time. Today for example, before I called you, I was trying to write a song, or getting started on it, so when I get off the phone I can continue it. I’m starting with lyrics. It’s the emotion I’m feeling. I write it almost as if it is poetry. With the lyrics I feel melodies in my head. With this lyric I’ll think now it should sound like this. The vibe of the lyric also gives me a tone of which type of song it should be, if it should be a ballad or a rock song. Then I usually do a rough go around on GarageBand with just my guitar and me singing. Then it goes from there. Sometimes I’ll start on the guitar and melodies will come through that. A lot of times it comes all at once.

Q – Can you write lyrics when you’re not inspired?

A – Yeah, let’s say I have a deadline to have these many songs by this time. What I do sometimes when I’m not inspired, there are a lot of songs that I never touched or lyrics. I’ll go back through my folder of all my lyrics and say let’s try that one and then go from there, as opposed to coming up with something when you’re not inspired, because that would be very difficult. It’s very easy for me to get inspired.

Q – Are there any plans to tour the album coming up?

A – Yeah, we actually just got off of a school tour where I was visiting schools and playing for them and doing a question and answer session. It was cool because I got to meet my demographic in a personal way, then I got SXSW and I just finished that. Probably end of April or May, if not then definitely this summer.

Q – You were discovered by Meredith Brooks. How did that come about?

A – I met Meredith in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, which is where she is also from. We happened to have a mutual friend that introduced us. I sang for her. She said that if I had a demo I should send it out to her. So I went and recorded two songs that I had written and two cover songs. She ended up liking them.

Q – How long have you been singing and playing?

A – I have been singing since probably I was a toddler. I always remember singing. I picked up the guitar at ten, because I was writing all of these songs in my head and I had no instrument to put them to, so I thought the guitar would be a good thing to start out with. I started writing songs when I was ten years old.

Q – Who are some of your early musical influences?

A – I think the first band that I was really influenced by was then called the Tuesdays, an all girl band out of Sweden I believe. It was really poppy, but they were a rock chick band. They were cool and they really inspired me to want to write that kind of music. I’ve been influenced by Cyndi Lauper and girls of the 80’s, not typical influences at the age I’m at. I love Alanis Morissette.

Q - You're pretty big in Japan, how did that end up happening?

A – I was doing showcases in Los Angeles and Frank Scott from Sony Japan came out and had some connections over the years with my manager who worked over there a lot and he thought it’d be a good fit for me. So we able to get that knocked out and they liked it.

Q – What are you listening to right now?

A – Right now I am listening to very random stuff, Oingo Boingo (laughs), Blue October, Garbage, Kill Switch Engage just a very random mix. I get bored easily with one genre, so I like to mix it up.

Q – If you could go on tour with one act who would it be?

A – I would say Cyndi Lauper or Aerosmith.

Q – What’s your most embarrassing on stage moment?

A – I have many. There was one episode where I was at Summersonic in Japan. It was my first big show and I was playing for thousands of people. I go out on stage and for some reason the shoes I was wearing were slippery and had no traction. I was slipping all over the stage. So during my big entrance I tripped and almost fell but was able to save myself somehow. The entire show I was slipping all over the stage. It was terrible.

Q – What do you have planned for the remainder of the year?

A – Figuring out a tour. I’m actually going back out to Japan in like a week to do a tour with a Japanese act that is pretty big out there. It’s a rapper and a singer and the singer just wants to do production now. She doesn’t want to sing anymore. So now they’re collaborating with different artists and I’m the first artist they wanted to collaborate with. We made a whole album and I’m going out there to record the album.

Pick up Becca’s album “Alive” in stores now. Get additional information on everything Becca at: http://beccaofficial.com/.
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