Here's a list of people interviewed.

(Emily Hampshire)

Ahmed Best - Actor
Allen Altman - Actor
Ashlie Rhey - Actress
Brian O'Halloran - Actor
Carrie Minter - Playboy Model
Clare Grant - Actress
Devin Brochu - Actor
Elina Madison - Actress
Emily Hampshire - Actress
"Failing Upwards" - Web Series
Gareth Edwards - Writer/Director
Heather Donahue - Actress/Writer
Helene Joy - Actress
Hope Dworaczyk - Playboy Playmate of the Year 2010
Jeff Bridges - Actor (Dude), Musician
Jenna Bentley - Playboy, FHM Model
Jennifer Krum - Model
Jenna von Oy - Actress, Musician
John Ralston - Actor
Katie Boland - Actress
Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver - Actors/Directors
Kiyomi McCloskey - Musician, Actress (The Real L Word)
Larry Hankin - Actor
Laura Catalina Ortiz - Actress (Holliston)
Lauren Bedford Russell - Actress (The Real L Word)
Liz Chavez - Model
Marlene Forte - Actress (Dallas)
Mamie Venancio - Model 
Miracle Laurie - Actress
Missy Suicide (SuicideGirls) - Models 
Mitch Silpa - Actor
Muse Watson - Actor
Naama Kates - Actress
Noah Reid - Actor
Oscar Nunez - Actor (The Office)
Patricia Rae - Actress
Pete Rose - Reality Star, Baseball Legend
Puja Mohindra - Actress
Regan Burns - Actor
Romi Klinger - Actress (The Real L Word)
Sarah M - Model
Simon Bisley - Movie Artist
Stevan Mena - Writer/Director
Sonal Shah - Actress
Yvonne Arias - Actress

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This is amazing movie i likes it.They pay great role in this movie.This is one of my favorite movie.