"Larry the Cable Guy has a new DVD called 'Tailgate Party.'"

Larry the Cable Guy, best known for his stint on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Blue Collar TV with Jeff Foxworthy, has a new comedy DVD out called, “Tailgate Party.”

The comedian, who started doing stand-up in West Palm Beach, FL in 1986 on a dare, actually moved to Florida from Nebraska. His transition from a small farm to a populated area wasn’t well received. “I hated it. There were no cows,” Larry said.

But since he was stuck in Florida, Larry managed to keep busy and thankfully, he found his true calling - stand-up comedy. “After I got fired from a bunch of jobs, I was hungry and ended up winning a gift certificate for Waffle House at a comedy contest with a couple fart jokes,” said Larry. “That’s when I knew.”

Thank goodness for that. That’s because, since that one night on stage, Larry has been telling jokes full-time, with the exception of one part-time gig. “I sell boots down at Greg's Western Wear on Sundays from 2 'til 4,” Larry said.

He’s joking, we hope.

His act, described as “a hilarious, every eight second romp to the obscurity of life,” has seen highlights such as his signature phrase, “Git-R-Done,” which began while doing radio commentaries, to experiences such as a certain night on stage. “I made a women pee her pants, and then she pooped in her pants, and that’s when I realized I had nothing to do with it,” quipped Larry. “I don't do nursing home shows anymore.”

Influenced by comedians Steve Martin, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters and Don Rickles, Larry’s material seems to fall into his lap. “I hang around a lot of rednecks so the material comes pretty easy,” Larry said.

Aside from his new comedy DVD, Larry the Cable Guy has a full schedule. His upcoming stop in my neck of the woods, March 20th at the Adler Theatre in Davenport, IA, will sure to be a hoot n’ holler.

Larry would also like for everyone to remember one important lesson. “Sometimes you have to wreck your truck to get the insurance money to make the truck payment.” With all jokes aside, he added, “A big thanks out to my fans. I love ya'll for enjoying what I do and coming to my shows and laughing. Thanks so much for enjoying what I do.”


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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