"Kentucky Fried Chicken is a Navy Seal's answer." - A comedian's rambling.

Funny story: This is a true story; only the names will be changed to protect the innocent. I have a friend who is one of only 50 black, Navy Seals. Anyone that's anyone knows that these guys are the elite of the elite of ‘special forces.’ I'm always looking to better myself mentally, so I asked this Navy Seal, the baddest of the bad, the elite of the elite: “What got you thru that strenuous training that has claimed so many "would be " Seals?”

He said, “First of all, you have to remember that pain is only temporary. That in itself helps big time and the other thing is to place yourself ‘mentally’ what you want to be doing or where you ‘want to be.’”

He then said: "B.T. I'm not gonna lie. The one thing I always thought about mentally was - and if I'm lying I'm dying - KFC!”

That's right, ‘The Colonel,’ as in Mr. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Even he said, “I know it sounds stereotypical, a black man and chicken, but that's what got me through!”

Folks, I couldn't make that shit up if I wanted to. So, no matter what kind of trials and tribulations you go thru, a two-piece chicken dinner will never let you down. Nothing like a drumstick to ease the pain of a tax lien!


BT is a comedian who travels all across the country to tell the funny to audiences that come out to see his show. Check his website out for show dates (http://www.btrox.com).

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dashingdwl said...

Great story. I probably know who you're talking about as I was a SEAL for 10 years. One platoon I was in had this very eccentric, tattooed up petty officer first class... every time we did a long training op, 40 mile Zodiac boat ride in freezing Pacific waters or long 3 day hump with 100 lbs of lightweight gear, he would bring a bucket of KFC, neatly packed in ziplock bags. It was an outstanding treat to have a bit of the Colonel during the sometimes painful evolutions.


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