"Kate Gosselin a DWTS diva? My educated mommy's take."

People the world-wide-web over are a buzz about the "diva" attitude famous momma Kate Gosselin is allegedly showing on set of "Dancing with the Stars." Apparently Kate is 'snubbing' the other DWTS cast members and being 'stone cold' to the crew. Now as a mother myself I have been personally taking the side of Team Kate (in the mega Team Kate v. Team Jon debate). So I have to say I wonder what truth lies in this reported bitchiness. Okay, let's say for argument's sake (and entertainment's sake) that she is being a huge bizzo to the other cast members... I think it makes Kate cooler! It's like it gives her some kind of street cred. Listen, she's a mom of 8! You don't know how she lives!! Momma's gotta work, she's gotta get her money and then she's gotta get back home! She doesn't have time to make nicey-nice to Pam Anderson's boobs. (Eh, and who would want to, put it up woman, we've seen it.)

"Kate doesn't want anything to do with other contestants . . . While there's a lot of camaraderie among the crew and other stars including Pamela Anderson, Kate has set herself apart . . . She wants to be queen bee," claims an insider.

Queen Bee indeed! She's said in interviews on both TV and in "People" mag that she intends to win. That's the kind of "go get-em" attitude you want in a mother right?! She's teaching her children something here. I find it silly that we look at Kate Gosselin and expect her to be quiet and prim and proper. Did you watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8?" Because I did! And I can tell you this is the way that woman is. Frankly that's why I like her. I'm a mother of one child and I can't imagine having 8. My attitude would be similar to Kate's. I'd be like "if you're not helping me, get the hell outta my way!" She's obviously on the show to reach a goal, and that's pay day. I can't hate her for that. A source on the show said, "She's been rehearsing in Pennsylvania to be near her kids. For the short time she was in LA, she and the cast got along great."

So the drama and the rumors swing both ways. The fact of the matter is we don't know exactly what's going on because we do not work for DWTS, nor are we lucky enough to be contestants and get to wear those wicked awesome leotards. And because we're not we will have to live with speculation. My educated mommy guess is it's probably a mixture of both sides. I'm sure Kate doesn't have time to pal around with that Ochocinco guy. (Is he fooling anyone with that made up name, btw?) And I'm sure if Kate wasn't busy trying to be a mother to her kids and a contestant on a dancing reality show she'd have more time to mingle with that goober from the "Bachelor." But the fact is she doesn't. Let's not blow things out of proportion here! Kate Gosselin just has more important things to do. Like take her kids to school, dance, pick her kids up from school, dance, make dinner, dance, put kids to bed, dance, sleep, repeat.


Bry Schulz is a writer, photographer, and mother who really hates squash. Not necessarily the game but definitely the vegetable. Email Bry at bry@zoiksonline.com.

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jo said...

She sure has the time to sit in a salon and get her hair done and redone for hours and days in NY and then go to premieres, etc. She does what she wants to do for herself. She (or her keepers) hire others to do anything that doesn't require her including taking care of her children. You give her too much credit in the daily schedule listed. There is no way she can do it all and pursue the celebrity life. So instead of trying to be there physically and emotionally for her kids she has chosen to chase her dreams as she has stated over and over. Her dreams are about her and ok so they happen to be providing all of the help needed to take care of the kids. That is not my definition of a great or even good Mom. Those kids don't need the fame and fortune that their parents (especially their mom) so desire. Kids need their family and friends. Kate has chased away all of them except the hired help.

Michelle said...

Why am I not surprised.. well that's a lie, I am surprised. Why would she want to single herself out from the rest of the crew? Makes little to no sense to me. And why would she ban Jon, better yet, why would Jon want to show up..?

Anonymous said...

Mommy's and Daddy's get to have dreams too! I don't think that she's a bad mother. My sister only gets to spend two hours a day w/ her kids b/c she works full time. Besides weekends, she's with them more then. But no one would call her a bad mother. Why? Because she's not a celebrity. I just don't think Kate should be vilified for being in the public eye. And where did it say she won't let Jon visit the set? I don't see that anywhere. And I agree... that's dumb b/c why would he want to? He's got too many 23 year olds in NYC to bang.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Jon both had their issues. She was a controlling biotch and he was a wimp that let her get away with it. Then he decided to retrieve his balls and by then she was set in her ways and didn't like the rebellion. I wasn't even aware of the DWTS issue until this but I'm a little surprised because I knew she was training in PA. Maybe people are just jealous that she gets to train at home and everyone else has to be in L.A.? But you're right she's said she's doing this for the pay check and I'm sure she will do whatever she can to win and get the most money. I don't think Jon is making any money designing t-shirts so I applaud her for doing something.