"For the Foxes play SXSW."

Pop/rock band For the Foxes appears to be on the verge of exploding into the mainstream. Their music has been featured on MTV’s “The Real World” as well as “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Currently they are getting ready to take the stage at the SXSW film and music convention. I recently got the chance to sit down with guitarist Jimmy Brindley.

Q - How did the band come together?

A - Nick started For the Foxes in 2007 initially as a recording project, but over the past few years and a few member changes FTF has evolved into a live act with a fresh pop/rock sound.

Q - You guys have released two EPs. What is your writing/recording process like and did it differ between the two EPs?

A - I know that when the first EP was recorded a few of the songs had never been played live as a band but only existed as demos. I'm pretty sure one of the songs from “Six Ways to Love” still has never been played together as band. With the new EP, Nick basically wrote songs and presented them to the band and we'd practice them as a whole and try to find to the best way to execute the songs. Over the course of a few months of demoing and re-demoing we had three songs that we felt confident enough to take to the studio.

Q - What was is like working with producer Jim Wirt?

A - Going to Santa Monica and recording with Jim was like nothing I had ever experienced before. He has a great work ethic and was able to get the best out of each of us onto the recordings. It was pretty humbling too considering the prestige of records Jim has done in the past.

Q - Tell us about getting your song "We Can't Stop" picked up for the T Mobile Sidekick commercials during MTV's “Real World.” How did that come about?

A - That came through a relationship Nick had developed with a company called Bunim-Murray. They pick what music gets placed in their TV shows and we were fortunate enough to get great placement.

Q - How did your new single "O.M.G." get picked up by "Keeping up with the Kardashians?"

A - That was through Bunim-Murray as well.

Q - Are you able to tell us about what's going on with Fuse TV or is that confidential for now?

A – (laughs) We're still going back and forth with Fuse right now on the specifics of the feature, but I can say that our song "Fast Car (Jump)" is going to be available as a free download. Look out for that on Fuse TV's website on April 5th.

Q - Who are some of your early influences? Someone or group that made you pick up your instruments and make music?

A - I can't speak for everyone in the band, but for me the band that made me want to take on music was Weezer.

Q - What can your fans expect from your live shows?

A - Expect high energy and the music to sound as it does on recording. When we're in practice mode we go seven days a week and pay attention to even the smallest details. We want to make sure that when we play we don't disappoint anyone, that everyone has the time of their life.

Q - Tells us about SXSW? What is it for our readers who are unaware?

A - SXSW is a music and film convention/festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. All sorts of seminars about the music and film industries take place as well as artists of all genres performing at various venues throughout Austin.

Q - How did you end up as a part of this show?

A - Our manager got us on as part of the Red/Blue Records/Vital showcase at the Eastside Arthouse on March 18th.

Q – What would you say is the band’s career highlight thus far?

A - Driving from New Jersey to California to record with Jim Wirt was probably the most fun I've had since joining the band. Not much can beat driving through all the different landscapes this country has to offer then stepping out of the van and straight into the studio.

Q - What are you currently listening too right now?

A - As a band we like to listen to literally everything. Whether it’s metal or pop, we can dig it. Right now we're at Danny's listening to the Beach Boys.

Q - Are you a fan of any artists or bands that might surprise our readers?

A - We all like to dabble into metal and hardcore, different music for different moments.

Q - Do you have a most embarrassing on-stage moment?

A - I can't say I've ever been embarrassed while on stage. For Nick it'd probably when we we're in Virginia and he split his pants down the middle and ripped his shirt in the same set.

Q - Are there any bands or musicians that you are dying to tour with?

A - I think we can all agree that touring with The Maine would be pretty awesome.

Q - What does the rest of 2010 have in store for For the Foxes?

A - Some Midwest touring coming up in mid-March into April. We would also love to get into the studio and put more songs out. There are some goodies in the works.

Check out For the Foxes at http://www.myspace.com/forthefoxes or follow Jimmy on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jimmyftf. You can also follow the rest of the band on their Twitter accounts as well: Singer Nick Dungo - http://twitter.com/nickdungo, Drummer Danny Vassallo- http://twitter.com/dannyftf, and bassist Bradley Smith - http://twitter.com/radleysmith.


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