"Better Left Unsaid." – A cartoon.

By James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


“Better Left Unsaid” is a cartoon strip written by James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. It was originally written for a college newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, but is now being brought back to life online via Zoiks! Online. We are going to start off with some old strips to build the characters for those who don’t know us, but keep your eyes open as new strips are being developed every day. If you have any comments or questions (we love feedback), please send us an e-mail. Oh, and before you send a scathing e-mail, make sure you reread the title, “BETTER LEFT UNSAID!!!” Hope you enjoy. Email James Westfall (jdfaulkes @ gmail.com) and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (heddlesten @ gmail.com).

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