"Dilana's 'InsideOut.' – Album Review.

By Bob Zerull

It’s always fun to wake up to good news in the morning, especially a Monday morning. Monday morning I woke to an email from Dilana’s publicist asking me to review her new album “InsideOut” and do an interview. I watched both seasons of “Rock Star” with Dave Navarro. I loved that show and wish it would come back. I was a huge fan of Dilana on the show. Unfortunately I hadn’t heard much about or from her since the show. She’s back now with a new album and it rocks.

The album kicks off with Dilana quietly scatting over a Rob Zombie-ish bass line. The first song is called “Holiday” and is very easy on the ears. I’m surprised I haven’t heard it on the radio yet as it’s a very radio friendly song. The song’s has a big sing a long chorus. Think about a Green Day chorus only with Dilana’s amazing vocals. “American Idol’s” Allison Iraheta already has a cover version of the song out; hopefully the version we’ll hear on the radio is Dilana’s.

I love true female rock stars, because I love rock music. I say I love true female rock stars because I look at pop stars like P!nk and even Fergie who probably could be true rock stars, but they hide behind drum machines and over the top production. When you listen to pop music it almost doesn’t sound like you’re listening to real instruments (probably because often times you’re not). Dilana’s album is authentic. You can hear the drums, the guitars, the bass, etc. She’s a real rock star and I’m glad she had the balls to make a real rock record and not a pop record.

(Photo by Mark Weisse)

A great rock record has three or four hits and then some killer deep tracks that the diehards love. “InsideOut” definitely has that. Like I mentioned before “Holiday” is a hit in waiting. Other catchy songs that I could see working on the radio would “Loud Silence,” “Somebody Else,” and “Ice.” Both “Loud Silence” and “Somebody Else” have memorable big choruses that are just begging you to sing along. “Ice” is a monster ballad.

If this album takes off and makes Dilana a star on another level it’ll be the ballad “Ice” that does it for her. Remember when Buckcherry released the album “15?” It had the song “Crazy Bitch” that people loved, but it was when they released the ballad “Sorry” that they became legitimate headliners. I can see teens who think life can’t get any worse blasting “Ice” in their room.

I can’t decide which song is my favorite on the album. Let’s start with “Solid Gold.” It’s got an awesome guitar riff that would make any metal head proud. Dilana has one of those raspy/gravely voices where she can probably scream as well as she sings. For “Solid Gold” she sings, and boy does she ever. The riff is very upbeat and bounces all over, but Dilana sings the song the opposite. She sings it slow and holds her notes over this jumping riff and the combination is just amazing.

The last song I want to talk about is the Zeppelin-esque “The Question.” It’s nearly eight minutes long and jump starts with some nice acoustic guitar playing. I call the song Zeppelin-esque because it is hard to categorize the song. It starts like a song from “Zeppelin 3” and turns into a song you’d hear on “Presence.” I have to imagine that the diehard Dilana fans are going to love this song. It’ll be the song fans will call for when she’s touring 10 years from now.


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sparkey said...

A great review and very much deserved!! Dilana is a unique performer & songwriter, with a style all her own!! People are finally waking up to what a super-talent she is! Thank You for helping spread the word!! She is sure to be a huge star for years to come! InsideOut a fantastic showcase for Dilana's versatility in her music! Love every song!

Dilana has such a unique and magical quality to her voice...i've been quite taken with her vocals since her 'rockstar' days...

Am looking forward to getting hold of Inside Out...I've even used her cover of 'Mother Mother' for my runway showing last season.. no pfaff...no gimmicks... she's just pure talent...
biggest fan from India

Kymmy said...

I have her CD and it is already wore out! I have seen her several time in person and she is AWESOME! She deserves so much from the music business so please put her out there to be noticed!

Cajun In CA said...

Finally!!! THANK YOU Bob...LOVE LOVE LOVE your review! Dilana is the 'real deal' and it's about time someone gives her the props she deserves! For the life of me, I can't figure out why I hear such cr** on the radio when any one of the songs on 'Inside Out' would be a HIT! She has the whole package...looks, stage presence, the camera LOVES her and her vocals are 'off the charts' great! Plus this woman has the most amazing soul! Apparently you know what you're talkin about my man...your articles will be bookmarked on my computer...my new favorite site!


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