"General Larry Platt is the un 'hung' hero of 'American Idol.'"

By Jason Tanamor

Six years ago a contestant on “American Idol” named William (see bangs, see bangs) Hung auditioned and instantly became a hit. What’s funny about this is that Hung had zero talent whatsoever, even going as far as saying, “Never took one lesson.”


But that didn’t stop the record companies from wanting to push Hung onto the masses. It was almost like the scene from “The Elephant Man.” The crowd can’t get enough of Hung until Hung is forced into a corner to sing, “See bangs, see bangs… see moos, see moos.”

People bought his album, and honestly, if you can tell me for serious that you bought it because of his talent, then you probably are deaf. The reality is that most people purchased Hung’s album because it was a novelty CD. They probably listened to that one song and then through it in a pile, never to hear it again.

Fast forward to General Larry Platt. His instant ridiculous song, “The Pants on the Ground,” which he auditioned for the “American Idol” judges, has, apparently, demand in the music business. In an article at Thaindian.com, Platt was offered a record deal courtesy of Jake Records. What this record company is about, I have no idea. However, what I believe this record company is doing is trying to get itself on the map by “recording” Platt’s song, along with other songs in his “melodious voice.”

“General Larry Platt has an energy about him that is infectious.” He (CEO Scott Thomas) said that they are looking forward to work with him and release some of his original tracks. Scott Thomas said that apart from exposing his talent, they would also try to focus on the causes that the singer supports.”

Apparently, the “causes” the singer supports are Platt’s living expenses, grocery bill, and, if you ask Thomas, Jake Records’ payroll.

I’m actually happy for Platt, because if a person needs money, they go out and make money. That’s all that Platt is doing. That’s all that Hung was doing. But to capitalize on Platt by claiming that he has talent, that’s going too far.

Do yourself a favor, buy Platt’s album only if you actually will play this CD in your car for all to hear. At least Platt will get some sort of compensation to pay for his house.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

You did check into who Larry Platt is, right, before you posted that he had no "cause" other than himself? If not, do a search and then apologize.


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