"Absinthe will share the stage with 'Rock Star Super Nova' alumnus Dilana."

By Bob Zerull

The all female rock band Absinthe, formed by guitarist Briana Alexis back in 2007, will perform this Friday, February 5th at the Roxy Theater on the sunset strip with “Rock Star Super Nova” alumnus Dilana.

Although the band’s sound and line-up had been evolving, it is now set and Absinthe is ready to rock with current members Briana Alexis, founder and lead guitar; Cherokee Fortune, lead vocals; Misai, drums; Terri McCoy, lead guitar and backing vocals; and Raven, bass and backing vocals.

Q - How would you describe your band’s sound/style?

Briana - I think that will be a group answer. I don’t think we put or finger on it yet. There are so many influences.

Cherokee - I think that we’re still trying to describe ourselves with the new line-up the sound that we have.

Briana - Yeah, the direction we want to go and the sound that we ended up with is definitely in the heavier direction than in the past. I think that Cherokee being the new member, she’s got that heavy rock bluesy edge. Cherokee, how would you describe your voice?

Cherokee - Gosh, I don’t know. I’ve been compared to Robert Plant and people like that. I don’t know I guess I’m just a very bluesy/ballsy singer.

Q - Who would you say are the band’s biggest influences?

Briana - For me personally, my background comes from old school 80’s metal/hair bands combined with jazz or fusion. I have a whole colorful background of Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, White Snake, Ratt - those are some of the bands from my background. I think everybody can put in their two cents on that.

Terri - I have a really bluesy background. A lot of people compare my style to Jimmy Page.

Q - How did the band get together?

Briana - We started in 2007; we’ve been through seven degrees of separation. We started with strings and keyboards like classical metal, but that didn’t really work at all. So we went back to our roots. We had one guitar player to start with because we had keyboards. We thought that two guitar players complement each other. I think that now we are where we want to be, with the line-up of girls that we have right now.

Q - What is the band’s writing process like?

Briana - With the new line-up we have right now, we haven’t really had a chance because we have had a lot of gigs. So we haven’t had a chance to sit down and write yet. The process is probably going to be in Terri’s living room…over a bunch of wine.

Megan - Equal input right now.

Briana - Exactly, it’s not going to be one person saying this is our song, this is how it goes. It’s going to be an equal partnership with everybody bringing their own flavor. With the line-up of musicians we have, everybody writes, which is awesome.

Q - You girls currently have nine endorsement deals, could you tell me a little bit about those?

Briana - The nine that we have are: Gibson, Tregan guitars, Seymour Duncan, Floyd Rose Upgrades, Trailer Trash Pedal Boards, Floyd Rose and In Tune tuners. We just attended the “NAMM” (National Association of Music Merchants) trade show and had a really great trade show.

Q - How does one get endorsed?

Briana - I think it’s what you bring to the table, where you or your band's going. Absinthe's been around, and has a name. Most of our sponsors are guitar related. I’ve been playing and in the industry for many years. With Gibson we're proud to be among of the family of artists.

Q - This Friday, February 5th you’ll be sharing the stage with “Rock Star Super Nova” alumnus Dilana. Tell me about that show.

Briana - They contacted us. We’re big fans of hers. I think they were looking for female bands that would be good support for her. I think we’re a really good match for her.

Q - That show is at the Roxy?

Briana – Right.

Q - What’s it like playing legendary places like The Roxy or The Whiskey, etc?

Briana - It’s surreal. You feel the energy on the stage definitely, from all the people that have been there before you.

Megan - It’s definitely very cool, because my parents were both musicians. My dad played in all sorts of venues here. He has stories about where I’m playing. It’s just cool that generational gap that’s gone on. I’ve played where my dad used to play and his friends and stuff. It’s pretty cool to follow in the footsteps of my inspirational heroes and groups I grew up listening to. It’s pretty awesome.

Briana - Terri what about you, you’ve played pretty much everywhere?

Terri - Yeah, pretty much the same thing. It is a real honor. When you up there you know who has been there before you. It’s a real privilege to be on the Roxy stage. I’m really looking forward to this show.

Briana - Cherokee just moved out here from New York, so she comes from the New York rock scene.

Cherokee - Right, I could tell you how it is to have played at CBGB’s. (Everyone laughs)

Q - You recently played at the launch of “Guitar Goddess Magazine,” what was that like?

Briana - That was awesome. That was a huge honor. We were asked to open the show. We were asked to be a headliner for the launch of the publication. Lita Ford was on the cover of the first issue which was the December issue. We’re going to be interviewed for the second issue. I’m not sure when the second issue is out, but they’re going to have full coverage of that, which was at the Gibson private show room. It was a very personal experience and an honor to the women in the business. It was a red carpet event, it was awesome.

Q - I watched you music video for the song “Weed.” Whose idea was the concept of the video?

Briana - It was a collage of a day in the life of Absinthe. It was of recent events like photo shoots and being in the studio and the making of the song “Weeds.”

Q - What would you say has been the band’s greatest achievement thus far?

Briana - There have been a lot of things, a lot of positive things in a short amount of time. For me having full endorsements is a huge honor. To be recognized as a female musician and having such great companies backing you up like Gibson and all those other companies is a big, big deal for me personally. There have been awards, interviews and reviews. And getting a great line-up of women I think is a huge achievement. I’m really, really happy with our current lineup.

Q - What does 2010 have in store for Absinthe?

Briana - Being in the studio writing new songs. I think we’re dialing in our sound.

Terri - Recording would be good, because a new CD would be real nice.

Megan - People want that.

Cherokee - I want that.

Q - Any embarrassing on stage moments?

(Group laughs)

Terri - I once tried to flip the guitar around me one time and the strap broke and the guitar went flying across stage. That was pretty embarrassing.

Cherokee - I actually fell off stage once. That was fun.

Briana - I had my heel stuck in my pedal board and had to take my shoe off.

Megan - One of the stages I played at, the drums were lifted up. Sometimes I’d stand up there and dance with our drummer and blah blah blah. I was singing and I went to step down off the platform and I rolled my ankle. I caught myself, but almost completely lost it. It’s embarrassing because everybody is looking right at you because you’re singing.

Q - Anything else you want to let your fans know?

Briana - Things are radically changing for us. There’s been a lot of attention and a lot of excitement our way. So keep checking out our website. There are a lot of things coming up that are in the works right now. So I can’t talk about them, but there are a lot of things coming up. So just check out our website, we have a video shoot at Flash Rock in a month. It’s like a live interview video shoot, so we’ll have some new footage. We’re going to have some new tunes on the site. That’s where we keep everything current.

Visit them at: www.myspace.com/absinthewomen


Bob Zerull is the Managing Editor of Zoiks! Online. He writes pop culture commentary, does interviews with bands, and reviews music and stand-up concerts. He also administers Zoiks! Online's Facebook page. Follow Bob on twitter at bzerull.

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