"Lots of Robert Pattinson."

By Bry Schulz

Turns out there are a lot of people interested in Robert Pattinson. I wonder why? Everyone feel free to take a moment to day dream about R.Patz if you will. Back to the point though, today seems to be a little bit of a Robby jackpot! I've got several links for you to go click happy on. Most centering on pictures of the one and only Edward portrayer man. And there are a few cameos made by Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner too.

Click on this link and you'll see Vanity Fair magazine has released some "outtakes" from their recent photo shoot with Robert Pattinson. I find each and every one of these pictures delicious. He's just so dang sexy!


Entertainment Weekly has released the new cover of the next issue to hit stands today, Friday (the 13th, dun-dun-duuu). The cover features our three favorite people. Jacob, Bella, and Edward, er, Taylor, Kristen, and Robert.

I'd really like to be around when they all start smiling and giggling and having a good time because I know it happens, it just doesn't get captured on film. Anyway, there's a bit of a tease on their interview too, so there's some reading to enjoy as well at this link.


Also, a photo shoot for EW with the main three. Basically just the first 6 photos are new and of Rob, Kristen and Taylor and the 7th pic is the new cover. All the rest of the pics after that are from previous issues with the stars.


And in more EW news they found a funny little tid-bit out about Rob Pattinson. It turns out he's a fan of early 90's movie "Reality Bites." Read more on that 'revelation' here:


Hope these little gems of news help get you through another day Twi-hards. We're getting so close. Just a week left!


Bry Schulz is a writer, photographer, and mother who really hates squash. Not necessarily the game but definitely the vegetable. Email Bry at bry@zoiksonline.com.

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