“Push Play’s ‘Found.’” - CD Review

By Bry Schulz

4 Stars:

If you're looking for new pop music I might have just stumbled on a band that could be exactly what you're looking for. Push Play is a new band that hails from Long Island, NY. The four young members have built their band from the ground up. Using the Internet as a press vehicle they have a huge following on all the appropriate websites - MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The band definitely has the feel of being the next big thing in pop. Push Play is a rock band without the dirt. While they wouldn't classify as boy band because they don't synchronize their dancing they do bring a crisp musical talent to their music. Push Play is what Sum 41 couldn't quite clinch. Or even what Blink 182 failed to realize in their full potential.

The songs on Push Play’s first studio album, "Found," play like the soundtrack to a fun night out. Think getting ready for a concert, putting on your make-up, changing your clothes five times, picking up your friends and everyone crammed in the car and then finally everyone rocking out together. It's fun, light rock pop that does skew more toward chick than guy. Especially with the band’s first single "Midnight Romeo" that includes lyrics like, "My lips touch your lips. My hand is on your hips. What’s it gonna take for you to give me my goodnight kiss?"

Push Play knows its target audience and the band is playing up to the ladies big time. Another song on the album, "Heart Attack," is a classic chick song. The band basically plays the part of the loving but dumped boyfriend singing, "[You] told me I’m the one. Hope you had your fun. I’m done and I want out of this. Heart attack. Heart attack. I'm never gonna take you back, take you back."

(Photo: Ray Lego)

Later on in the album the band totally tries to make amends with songs like, "Start Again." "If I could start again, I'd go back to that night. If I could just pretend I did everything, everything right."

Push Play is clear cut, pop music. Their songs grow on you the more you hear them, which I think is Pop music’s definition. The brand of pop that these guys are bringing to the table has had many casualties over the years. It's hard to find longevity in pop rock. Only the future will tell if Push Play’s recipes of chick melodrama will pay off in album sales. But the band sure does make an honest effort.

*For more information on Push Play visit them at www.pushplaysite.com - where you can also hear some of the songs from their new album.

*You can also watch the Midnight Romeo music video (and other videos by the band) at www.youtube.com/pushplayband


Bry Schulz is a writer, photographer, and mother who really hates squash. Not necessarily the game but definitely the vegetable. Email Bry at bry@zoiksonline.com.

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