“Push Play is a real rock n’ roll band.”

By Jason Tanamor

When I first heard the band Push Play’s music, it reminded me of an older Jonas Brothers. Nick DeTurris, bass player for the group, thinks otherwise. “We want people to see us as a real rock n’ roll band, not a boy band,” DeTurris said. “Sure, our music is ‘poppy’ sounding but our live shows are full of energy and they all have a rock feel.”

The group, whose members include CJ Baran, vocals, rhythm guitar, and keyboards; Steve Scarola, guitar and vocals; Derek Ries, drums; and of course DeTurris, has been playing together for some time. “CJ and I met back in the 6th grade in homeroom and when we were 16 we met Derek and Steve in the studio,” DeTurris said. “I started playing music in the 4th grade. I was in the percussion section in band but I didn’t start playing bass till I was in the 6th grade.”

As for why the four came together, it was clear. “CJ and I were in a band when we were young and as we got older we decided to make a more mature band and that’s where we found Steve and Derek,” said DeTurris. “We want to put out music that everyone can relate too, and not just our fans.”

Push Play’s debut album, “Found” recently dropped on September 29th. It was a hit. “We had a great turnout at our in-store signing/listening party at Best Buy in Westbury, NY,” DeTurris said. “Our album is number 18 on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Albums, and it’s only day two!”

DeTurris added, “My favorite song is 'Watch it burn.' It is (track) number one on the album and I think it’s a great way to kick off the album.”

(Photo: Ray Lego)

This success was the gateway for the band’s upcoming tour (check out Push Play’s website for dates at http://www.pushplaysite.com/#/Tour). “It feels great to be playing for so many people and we are so grateful for all our fans,” DeTurris said. “We want our fans to see that we are normal kids just like them that go through all the things regular teenagers go through like break-ups, or just hanging out with friends.”

And being normal and well-grounded is important to Push Play. “Even though we travel all the time, when we are home we love to see our high school friends and hang out with them,” said DeTurris. “I think they all keep us grounded because our friends are who we really are.”

For the band’s music, however, DeTurris has bigger things to think about. “I think we all want to play sold out shows every night in big arenas and have everyone enjoy listening to our music,” said DeTurris. “That has always been my dream.”

For the band’s fan base, he had this to say. “Thanks to all our fans for listening. We love you all and get ready for a crazyyyy year!”


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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