“Natasha Leggero wants to become the glamour.”

By Jason Tanamor

If you’re a fan of “Chelsea Lately” and “Reno 911,” you may recognize Natasha Leggero. In fact, you may have seen a lot of the actress. That’s because, she has appeared in various TV programs including, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” What you may not know is Leggero also is a funny and successful stand-up comedienne.

Zoiks! Online recently chatted with the rising star.

Q – I read that you’re from Rockford, IL. I’m actually based in Moline, IL. No question. Just wanted to say that.

A - Well, Rockford is the city equivalent to that statement.

Q - How did you get involved in stand-up comedy?

A - I was a theater criticism major in college in NY. Going from criticizing Broadway to criticizing Hollywood was an easy transition!

Q – For those who haven’t seen your act, describe it real quick in one sentence.

A - Woody Allen meets Judy Garland.

Q – What was the specific moment that made you feel like you’ve really made the right decision to go into comedy?

A - I was doing an open mike during an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting in the back of a thrift store in Anaheim and I remember thinking- this is the job for me.

Q – Most people think stand-up comedians work one hour a day and then they live it up the rest of the week, when in reality comics spend six days traveling and doing press. It’s really a full week leading up to the shows. How do you prepare for the stuff that fans don’t see?

A - Get up, walk the dog, contemplate the universe and BECOME THE GLAMOUR.

Q – You’ve done a lot of major television shows and film in your short career. I know comics who have been doing stand-up for years and haven’t had near the success as you have in terms of visibility. Is there a secret to your success?

A - My dad is a used car salesman so that probably helped.

(Photo credit: Seth Olenick)

Q – Do you have training in acting or is it something that comedians just want to do with their lives?

A - I went to acting conservatory in NY which taught me how to be a working actor in the 1700's. Also I was a child actor - http://tinyurl.com/lqkgqa

Q – Are you more a comedian or an actress?

A - An adventuress.

Q – You’ve shot pilots for TV and have appeared on numerous shows. If you were ever asked to develop and star in your own sitcom, what would the pitch be for it?

A - I think tableau vivant (living picture) will be making a comeback this year so I would pitch me and my friends re-creating famous works of art and holding them in a freeze frame for the duration of the sitcom.

Q – How much does appearance play in being successful in entertainment?

A – A lot.

Q – Do you think women have it tougher in entertainment than men?

A - I think the whole men vs. women argument is almost over now that men refuse to support us. We've been lazy for centuries - but now men are forcing us to catch up with them in every profession.

Q – I have this vision that all people in Los Angeles are tan and good looking. Is this true? And is this why you got out of Rockford?

A - I think how tan a person is, is directly proportionate to how dumb they are.

Q – What’s the best thing about being Natasha Leggero?

A - The glamour!

Q – What’s the worst?

A - Not being able to tap-dance.

Q – What do you have coming up that you want to promote?

A - You can see me regularly on “Chelsea Lately” on E! I am also currently touring the provinces. For tour schedule visit: www.natashaleggero.com.

Q – Last words?

A - This has been a soul-searching experience!


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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Anonymous said...

Natasha Leggero is uproariously funny, a national treasure, her charm and gentry are second to none.