“Antigone Rising credits Internet for success.”

By Jason Tanamor

Fans of tragedies may know Antigone as someone who performed funeral rites over her brother's body in defiance of her Uncle Creon. But there isn’t a tragedy with Antigone Rising, the band whose lead singer has something in common with the play’s character. “Our original lead singer played Antigone in the school play, and we also studied the play in an English tragedy class we took together,” said Kristen Henderson, bass player for the all female group. “The founding members of the band all went to college together.”

Aside from Henderson, the band consists of Cathy Henderson, lead guitar and background vocals; Nini Camps, rhythm guitar and lead vocals; and Dena Tauriello, drums. “Two of us are sisters, so it's self explanatory how we met,” Henderson said. “We met Nini and Dena on the NYC circuit.”

This closeness of the group is one of the reasons why Antigone Rising has been successful so far. “The chemistry of the band is the music,” Henderson said. “When the chemistry is off, we're in trouble. Fortunately the chemistry is way on right now!”

Fans of Antigone Rising can see and hear this chemistry through the band’s music and the way their tunes are conceived. “At the end of the day, even a song that's an individual effort goes through a pretty extensive band arrangement process,” Henderson said. “So we all get our hands in the mix.”

This extensive arrangement process reaps its rewards where it counts, on stage, live and in front of audiences. “Our live show has always been the most important thing to us,” Henderson said. “As long as we're playing great shows, we're in business.”

And for Antigone Rising, what’s also important to the group is the fan turnout. “We just want the fans to have a great time at every single show,” Henderson said.

Although the fans keep Antigone rising, the band credits another source where mass audiences come together – the Internet. “The Internet is the only reason we have a career - seriously,” Henderson said. “We've raised money to tour and record through the Internet for 10 years.”

For the future, look for Antigone Rising in your city, or one near yours. According to Henderson, they are “working on a brand new studio album that we're really excited about.” “And we hope to be making a big announcement about that in the coming months,” said Henderson.

Stay tuned… and go to Antigone Rising's website.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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