“Patton Oswalt – My Weakness is Strong.” – Concert Review.

By Jason Tanamor

Patton Oswalt, the very funny comedian who plays Spence on “The King of Queens,” comes to the stage with a new special called “My Weakness is Strong.” In typical Patton style, the comedian started off his show with foul language and a bit about texting his wife back and forth.

Oswalt went into the bit and revealed that he and his wife were having a baby. The packed audience cheered and clapped and from then on, the special’s theme was introduced. Included in the show was material about having home births, to which the comedian joked about how it was done back in history.

For those who have some knowledge of Patton’s comedy, the comic self-deprecated his life by saying he either had to lose weight or be happy with what was going on. “I’d have to be like Jeff Goldblum in ‘The Fly.’” He exaggerated his physique to the extent he mocked himself about working out in public. Oswalt also noted that he would be giving up liquor and drugs. “For a while,” he quipped.

The comedian joked about LSD, and how much he missed it, plus his prescription to Prozac for his depression. He talked about how he realized that he depended on negativity and cynicism to get through life. “The Oswalt family crest should be a pair of eyes rolling off to the side, and a bag of Cheetos, and the word “Fuck!”” he said.

What I found humorous about the special was that Oswalt joked about how when he was doing press for the movie, “Ratatouille,” actual children were interviewing him. His bit made it seem like if anyone was going to have a child, it should not be him.

There was also a hilarious bit about how he and his wife were looking for houses and a day that they were going to look at one, the owners forgot, only to have Oswalt and his wife show up while the owners of the house were having an orgy. The comedian stretches the bit by talking about who was involved, how it developed, and a blond guy who “had Craigslist hook-up written all over him.” Once they left, driving home, Oswalt went on about how his wife just realized that they were having an orgy. He mocked his wife (later saying that she was 10 times smarter than him), by saying, “There was a fog bank of twatness and we are going to go home and burn our clothing.”

Throughout the one hour special, Oswalt went on tangents about Paganism, his future daughter, politics, and how the economy would collapse like the movie, “The Road Warrior,” played by Mel Gibson.

Dressed in a nicely brown sport jacket and slacks, the comedian hit on all cylinders, with the material coming out flawlessly and with impeccable timing. The theme of the show was consistent, leading back to the title of the special, “My Weakness is Strong,” in the sense that Oswalt’s weakness – the depression, the substance abuse, and cynicism – is what made him strong; strong for comedy, his life, and now his daughter.

Patton Oswalt has appeared on “The King of Queens,” David Letterman, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Comedy Central, and The Comedians of Comedy Tour.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at jason@zoiksonline.com.

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