“Maria Bamford’s voice is subjective – like it or not.”

By Jason Tanamor

One of my favorite comedians is the uber hilarious Maria Bamford. You may have seen her live with the Comedians of Comedy tour. The comedienne recently stopped by for a quick interview with Zoiks! Online.

Q – You’ve been doing stand-up for a while now. How did you first get involved in it?

A - In college I did a talent show. Bates College. Lewiston ME.

Q – Your voice seems to be something that stands out in your comedy. I’m assuming it’s your real voice. Do you think it takes away from people’s enjoyment of your comedy or adds to it?

A - I have no idea! I guess it’s subjective- whatever people like or don’t like.

Q – What types of advantages and disadvantages do women have over men in stand-up?

A - I don’t know, everyone has different strengths. Whatever is unique probably helps but I don’t think that’s connected to sex.

Q – It seems like there aren’t that many women in comedy. Yet, on your website, you name a lot. How come there’s a misconception about women comedians being funny?

A - I don’t know. I guess if someone really believes that, there’s really nothing anyone can do to prove their opinion isn’t right. Like religion.

Q – You toured with the Comedians of Comedy with Patton Oswalt , Brian Posehn , and Zach Galifianakis. How in the world did you end up with these crazy guys?

A - Patton liked my act and asked me to come along.

Q – There doesn’t seem to be a lot of sitcoms on television nowadays. Yet, there is a bunch of talented and funny comics working today. Why do you think the network television world lacks sitcoms?

A - I don’t know, they are expensive to make, that’s probably something.

Q – If you had your own network TV sitcom, would it be like a “Roseanne” type show or “Seinfeld”?

A - I loved “Roseanne,” it was more real and interesting for me, so “Roseanne.”

Q – With all the venues comedians have today like cable, Internet and satellite, do you think comedians have a better opportunity in “making it” than the comics of yesterday?

A - I don’t know what “making it” is. If it’s making a living then YES!

Q – You’re on tour and the week you’re coming to my hometown, I’ll be out of town so I’ll miss your performance. No question, just wanted to tell you that.

A - Whoops!

Q – Comedians have a crap load of time on the road. Do you think a comedian would make a good serial killer?

A - There was one that was a rapist. I can’t remember his name but he acted out at college gigs. I want to say his name was Vince.

Q – If there were a serial killer, what would the name be? (Last victim standing?)

A - Gerry Peeps.

Check out Maria on tour now. You can learn more about her at her website at: http://mariabamford.com.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous."

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