“Comic Con and everything 'Twilight.'”

By Bry Schulz

For those of us obsessed with everything “Twilight” it's been a big week. Between Comic Con panel discussions, interviews with the cast and recent news about cast changes it's going to be difficult to adjust back to life with no “Twilight” news soon. Especially considering "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (the second movie to be made in the Twilight Saga) doesn't come to theaters until November 20th. Yes, four more months of waiting (grr). I've included a link to YouTube where you can watch all of the videos and interviews done at Comic Con with regards to “New Moon.” Allow me to discuss the finer points.

First off it was great to see the cast together again. Spending the summer apart has been tough. And I mean on us, not them. (I can't speak for them, or can I?) It's obvious there are haters out there who don't like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson but I'm not on that team. I've got a vicious case of Twabs and I can't get enough about these two. I know they very well might not be dating but in my head they are bat shit crazy for each other. So seeing them in the same room made my heart beat a little erratically. And I'm looking forward to the promotion tour for this movie almost as much as the movie itself just so I can get my Twi-cast fix.

Second off the grainy-cell-phone video of the two clips screened of “New Moon” at Comic Con were delicious. I ate them up like birthday cake. (It's worth noting I have an unhealthy addiction to cake). Both scenes are by far stellar to the entire first “Twilight” movie. “New Moon” has serious potential of getting it right this time. Not to say I didn't love “Twilight” (the movie) but it wasn't enough like the book, however that's a rant for another day.

The scene shown with Bella ridding the motor bike and Jacob taking off his shirt after she crashes is delectable. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the "hallucinations" of Edward in the movie (in the book Bella just hears his voice in her head) but I think I'm going to like it. Upon further thought I decided just hearing Edward's voice in the movie might come across as too hokey. Nobody wants a hokey vampire movie!

And the second scene where Bella runs throughout the crowded square in Italy to stop Edward from revealing himself (and therefore dying) gave me goose bumps. This is one of those parts in the book where you have a very clear vision in your head of how that happens and it looks like the movie nailed it. Seriously, is it November yet?

Another bone thrown from Comic Con was the many interviews where the cast actually spoke. Yes, they have opinions and stuff. There were seven panel videos with four cast members and the director, and then there were other panel videos with just Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. That wasn’t all, in fact there were many more cast interviews if you were determined to search (which, needless to say, I was). When asked what they were looking forward to filming from the next books -


Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) replied, "Getting pregnant," with Rob Pattinson adding,
"Performing the Cesarean."


If you watch all the videos, you will also hear Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) repeatedly and kindly answer the same question several times. "You've gotten in shape for this movie. How did you do it?" Obviously, he worked out. But I can't deny I like hearing him talk about how he worked out. How he ate a ton of food. How he's hoping we all like the "results." I can tell you right now, Taylor, that there's at least one Twilighter who likes the results. I know, I know, I'm too old and I'm married and I have a kid. Whatever, this is imagination so step off.

Moving on.

Even after Comic Con ended the “Twilight” juice wasn't finished flowing. It was reported July 29th that Rachelle Lefevre would NOT be returning in the third flick to reprise the roll of evil vampire Victoria. The actress replacing her will be Bryce Dallas Howard of "The Village" fame. While writing this article two statements have been released in regard to this casting issue. One from Rachelle Lefevre claiming she was "stunned" by Summit’s decision to recast.

Lefevre makes is seem like Summit's claims to recast her because of schedule conflicts was not accurate. In turn Summit rebutted by saying, “Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

This is sad and while I have no idea if the studio decided to recast a "better" actress or if Lefevre was actually not cooperating it's unfortunate that it's turning out this way. I hope that both the studio and Lefevre can move on. And I do think Howard will bring some real acting cred. In the third “Twilight” book Eclips, the character of Victoria, comes to a real climax (including her death by beheading). Overall, I think the cast change was a good call by Summit. However, I hope there are no other major cast changes. (They could lose Nikki Reed though, she seems like a trouble maker to me). And is anyone else wondering how hard would it have been for them to cast an actual blonde to play Rosalie?

Sorry, I'll move on.

In the LOOOOONG weeks to come let's hope there is more dish on the goings-on of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Four months really is a long time to wait for my tortured love of vampires and teenagers. What's wrong with me? Absolutely nothing.

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Bry Schulz is a writer, photographer, and mother who really hates squash. Not necessarily the game but definitely the vegetable.

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Lissa said...

Let me discuss the finer pints....I love Twilight, I love Bry, and I hate squash too! :)

Awesome article B! I kind of feel like your famous now! :) I'm dying for the new movie too. Maybe I'll go see it with my new Twilighter, Alana... :)


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