“Jay Davis recalls his days on Dane Cook’s ‘Tourgasm.’”

By Jason Tanamor

Before Jay Davis became a part of Dane Cook’s “Tourgasm” tour, he was sitting on a couch in the bar he managed thinking about his life. “I was feeling down about coming to Los Angeles to become an entertainer,” Davis said. “I wasn’t entertaining anyone so I decided if I were to become an entertainer then I needed to build my own stage and surround myself with the best to learn from the best.” That, according to the comedian, is when he took comedy seriously and started his own weekly comedy show.

As for hooking up with “Tourgasm,” Davis met Cook almost eight years ago. “The two of us have become best friends and he has taken me under his wing to mentor me as a comedian,” Davis said. “I had been opening for him on the road for about three years so when “Tourgasm” came along I was a natural fit.”

The chance meeting happened at the once upon a time Irish Pub where Davis began his comedy career. Since then, Davis has developed a solid act. “I am a very lovable comedian that goes in and out of characters describing being single in Hollywood and how hard it is to date here,” said Davis. “Comedy is a long process. It takes years to conquer.”

Although Davis has worked with a number of comedians including Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Tommy Davidson, Andrew Dice Clay, Jamie Kennedy, Roseanne Barr, Darrell Hammond, and Paul Rodriguez, his material has and always will be his own. “I believe in coming from an honest place. My act comes from my real life and things I’ve observed along the way. I never watched other comedians growing up because I didn’t want to be influenced by other comedians,” said Davis. “I wanted to be like Jimi Hendrix and just pick up the guitar upside down and learn myself.”

Dane Cook’s “Tourgasm” can be reseen on HBO. Along with Davis, the tour includes Robert Kelly, Dane Cook and Gary Gulman. Aside from HBO, Davis has been seen on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and is currently touring the country performing at colleges and comedy clubs.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous."

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